Dịch vụ in Profile công ty, in hồ sơ năng lực uy tín và chuyên nghiệp

Company Profile printing service plays an extremely important role in affirming the brand, business and sales value of companies and enterprises. In Company Profile brings a huge advantage to businesses in cooperation and business as well as creating prestige and professionalism in the eyes of partners and customers. So what are the things to note when printing a company profile ? Where is a good company profile printing service ? Let’s find out with Vinaprint through the following article.

Price list for printing company profile, printing capacity profile 

Because the need to use the service of printing company profiles and printing capacity profiles of businesses and companies is increasing, understanding the cost of printing services will help customers easily choose the right service. in accordance with the requirements and budget of the company and enterprise. Below is the price list for printing company profile at Vinaprint.

Price list printed with company profile pre-designed by customers 

Number of pages 5 books 10 books 20 books 30 books 50 books 100 books 200 books
8 pages 72,000 43,800 29,000 23,000 17,500 13,800 11,900
12 pages 87,000 54,100 35,300 27,950 23,600 19,000 17,100
16 pages 101,000 62,800 39,650 33,470 27,500 23,100 20,700
20 pages 113,800 70,000 45,800 38,300 31,400 26,950 24,100
24 pages 125,000 75,700 51,400 42,500 35,900 30,900 28,100
28 pages 134,800 81,200 56,500 46,000 40,200 34,700 32,000
32 pages 143,000 88,500 61,000 50,700 44,300 38,300 36,000
36 pages 151,000 95,500 65,100 55,500 48,300 41,700 40,000
40 pages 157,000 102,000 68,700 602,000 52,500 45,300 44,000
44 pages 167,000 108,200 74,000 64,800 56,600 49,400 48,000

Price list printed with company profile pre-designed by customers

The company profile printed price list was conceptualized and designed by Vinaprint 

Number of pages 5 books 10 books 20 books 30 books 50 books 100 books 200 books
8 pages 184,000 99,800 57,000 41,667 28,700 19,400 14,700
12 pages 255,000 138,100 77,300 55,950 40,400 27,400 21,300
16 pages 325,000 174,800 95,650 70,803 49,900 34,300 26,300
20 pages 393,800 210,000 115,800 84,967 59,400 40,950 31,100
24 pages 461,000 243,700 135,400 98,500 69,500 47,700 36,500
28 pages 526,800 277,200 154,500 111,333 79,400 54,300 41,800
32 pages 591,000 312,500 173,000 125,367 89,100 60,700 47,200
36 pages 655,000 347,500 191,100 139,500 98,700 66,900 52,600
40 pages 717,000 382,000 208,700 695,333 108,500 73,300 58,000
44 pages 783,000 416,200 228,000 167,467 118,200 80,200 63,400

The company profile printed price list was conceptualized and designed by Vinaprint


  • The company profile printing price list is only a reference price list because the printing price depends on many factors: Material, Size, Technical processing, Printing requirements, etc.
  • The above price list does not include VAT.

Quotation process 

Process of quoting and ordering printing of Company Profile (Competency Profile) at Vinaprint:

1 Receive quote request information via Alo, Zalo or Meo
2 The Sales Department receives quotes directly via phone, Zalo or email after 15 minutes of receiving information.
3 Customers deposit 50% of total order value
4 Design and print according to orders
5 Post-printing processing: metal pressing, UV printing, embossing, spine glue (if any)
6 Delivered to your door in  Ho Chi Minh City . Collect 50% of the remaining amount of the order
7 For customers in the province, when the goods are available, we will take pictures for you to see, transfer the remaining 50% of the money, and we will send it to the bus station or bus station to your location upon request.

Company profile printing service, capacity profile printing

Company Profile printing service , capacity profile printing service is a printing service of a type of document summarizing the company or business including business fields, strengths, products, services and customers as well as customers. projects that companies and businesses have implemented. Through Profile, customers and partners can get an overview of the company’s business services and business scope. From there, it is easy to create sympathy, build the company’s professionalism and reputation in the eyes of partners and customers.

The importance of printing company profiles

Printing a company profile is an important tool to help individuals and businesses introduce themselves and their activities to potential customers or partners. The importance of Profile is not simply to fully and accurately introduce personal and business information, but also to help build the image and brand of that individual or business. A quality and professional Profile will help attract attention and trust from customers or partners, while also creating business and development opportunities for individuals or businesses.

Basic content required when printing company profile 

In order for Vinaprint to be able to support customers in designing and making quotes most accurately, companies and businesses need to provide us with the necessary information for us to include in the Profile:

Information about company

Information about the company includes:

  • Company name
  • Company’s logo
  • Founded year
  • Business license
  • Company address
  • Hotline
  • Main website
  • Business areas

List of personnel and officers of the company

The list of personnel and officers of the company includes:

  • Organizational chart
  • List of personnel and officers
  • Professional qualifications and degrees
  • Experience in the profession

The company’s advanced machinery and equipment

Information about the company’s machinery and equipment includes:

  • List of company vehicle and equipment names
  • Number of available machines
  • Features and operating capacity of the machine
  • Other property and facilities

Company experience

The company’s list of experience will include:

  • List of cooperative customers
  • List of implemented projects

Company awards and achievements

  • Typical works and projects
  • Scanned copies of diplomas, awards, certificates, certificates

Company financial statements (latest 3 years)

  • Amount of investment capital
  • Monthly revenue
  • Profit has been achieved

Why should you choose the company profile printing service at Vinaprint?

Prestigious, professional, experienced printing unit with high professional qualifications 

Vinaprint is a reputable and professional company profile printing address in the current printing market. With advanced printing equipment and highly skilled staff, Vinaprint is committed to providing customers with high quality Profile products and meeting all customer needs.

When customers come to Vinaprint, they will be consulted on design and printing methods to suit the profile’s intended use. Vinaprint provides many diverse and rich Profile models for customers to choose from. In addition, Vinaprint will also advise customers on materials, sizes, colors and printing forms to create beautiful and professional Profile products.

With a team of experienced and highly skilled staff, Vinaprint is committed to providing customers with Profile products with sharpness and high resolution. Vinaprint uses high-quality printing paper and combines it with the most advanced printing technologies to create quality and beautiful Profile products.

Vinaprint also commits to customers on production and delivery time. Vinaprint will try to complete orders in the shortest time and ensure products are delivered to customers on time and according to standards.

Fast printing service for urgent printing of Profiles for immediate delivery

Quick printing service to print profiles immediately is the optimal solution for cases where company profiles need to be printed urgently without having to wait for a long time. Vinaprint provides quick printing service for folding Profiles with the best quality and ensures products are printed and received in the shortest time. Customers can be completely assured and confident when using the Profile quick printing service at Vinaprint.

Be careful when printing company profiles quickly or in small quantities

Number of Profile design pages

Design the Profile (capacity profile) with the number of pages in mind. Because profile printing is urgent, company profile printing in small quantities is printed on A3 or A4 size. So the number of pages when spread out and folded must be a multiple of 4. In short, the total number of pages must be 4,8,12,16,20,24,28,32.

Binding specifications when urgently printing Profile – printing company profiles in small quantities

Close the book by stapling it at the spine in the case of company profile printing with a small number of pages. If you want to bind with glue, the number of pages must be about 40 pages +.

Profile design file

Of course, to print a Profile immediately, you must have the design file ready. Profile design files should be designed using Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Indesign. Note that if you work with Photoshop, printing will not be as smooth as the other two software.

Exact time

The profile folding process takes place very quickly. However, the process of processing the finished product often takes longer, for example, laminating and pressing the glue back requires waiting time to dry. Or the process of cutting, trimming, creasing, folding, stapling… will take a little more time,

Therefore, you should save a little more time, don’t be too close to affect the meticulousness.