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Nowadays, in order to be more convenient in many different tasks, businesses and companies, especially those with a large number of office employees, need to order notebook printing services . These notebooks not only help make each person’s work more convenient, easier and more convenient, they also have the effect of spreading the brand and the spirit of solidarity among individuals in a large group. Therefore, the  on-demand notebook printing service  has developed extremely strongly to serve the needs of modern businesses today.

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Vinaprint – the address  for printing notebooks on demand  is trusted, chosen and evaluated by thousands of customers as a place of quality and bringing absolute satisfaction to all customers. With the motto of putting customer trust, service quality, and product quality first, we are still honored to become a trusted place for customers if they need to  print Ho Chi Minh City handbooks .

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1. Why should you print handbooks on demand?

A notebook is a small notebook used for the main purpose of taking notes, jotting down lists, and important tasks. And the convenience of this product lies in its compactness, can be pocketed and used anytime, anywhere. In addition to the above uses, these handbooks also help users be more proactive in the tasks that need to be done. The  printing of handbooks  for modern companies and businesses today is also directly related to the benefits they can bring to users, and is also one of the extremely effective tools to bring effective promotion for each business.

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Printing handbooks on demand helps bring effective image promotion to businesses

We can list the benefits of notebooks in general and in addition to the  on-demand notebook printing services  that every business needs today:

+ Support users to record all important information anywhere, anytime,…

+ When each business orders  its logo to be printed on a notebook,  it can be used as a thank you gift for customers, thereby promoting the business’s brand more effectively.

+  Printing handbooks  is also a way for people to have an active and proactive lifestyle at work, thereby helping them have a more effective path to successful development.

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2. Types of notebooks ordered printed at Vinaprint

Types of notebooks ordered printed at Vinaprint

Types of notebooks ordered printed at Vinaprint

The manual is chosen by the user based on the intended use. Depending on the shape and size, there will be many  company handbook printing  models for users to choose from. At Vinaprint, we offer customers specific models such as:

+  Spring notebook printing : A type of notebook with pages fixed by a spiral spring. Users can easily add or remove unused pages. The pages are also produced with high-quality materials, bright white and not dazzling. Printing technology is also guaranteed to be the most modern today.

+  Logo-printed notebooks  with sticky covers: Sticky-covered notebooks fix the pages, this limits the ability to add pages to the notebook, but they are highly durable and sturdy.

+ Stuffed notebook:  This type of notebook cover has the cover sewn into a small pocket inside that can be used as a bookmark.

+ Checkbook:  Known as the most high-class and luxurious type of notebook. They are machined with 3 or 6 round holes to fix the notebook core with the stainless steel part to shape the sheets of paper together through the holes. Many businesses today come to company handbook printing  services   with the need for this type of book to give to their partners and customers.

+ Company handbook:  This type of printed company handbook is often given as gifts to employees, partners, and customers for the purpose of marketing and promoting the business brand.

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3. On-demand notebook printing service at Vinaprint

As one of the printing addresses in general and providing customers with  on-demand book printing services  in particular of extremely high quality and at an affordable, competitive price on the market today, we at Vinaprint Always try your best to improve yourself. So that every time customers in today’s market have needs related to  cheap notebook printing services  , they will feel absolutely satisfied when receiving the products that our unit provides.

Notebook printing service on demand at Vinaprint

In addition to these things, we also constantly improve service quality, we also quickly update advanced printing technologies and market tastes around the world today. Vinaprint’s company notebook printing  service   is ready to meet the great demand from customers in the market today. We do not differentiate between wholesale or retail customers. Each customer who comes to us is served, consulted enthusiastically, and meticulously guided to not only feel comfortable, but most of all, they will have an extremely wonderful experience.

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With great demand from customers in today’s market, we are committed to always bringing what customers need most. Vinaprint has not only become the customer’s closest friend, but with many years of experience in the profession, we have become a partner of many big brands. To be able to achieve that, customers who come to Vinaprint with the need for  on-demand notebook printing service  are convinced by all of the above reasons.

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4. Procedure for ordering printed notebooks on demand at Vinaprint

With all the love that customers have been giving us, Vinaprint always has an extremely transparent and detailed working process. For retail customers or large companies and businesses today,  we always come to us with many different requests directly related to general printing needs and  on-demand book printing needs. Meet them with a single process:

Step 1:  Receive customer request information and quotes via hotline, Email.

Through hotline, website, zalo,… Vinaprint staff will receive information from partner customers.

Specifications customers need to provide when using the notebook printing service at Vinaprint

+ Quantity: According to customer request: 300, 400, 500,…

+ Size: Various sizes for you to choose from: A4, A5, B5, B6, A7, A8,… Or request the required size.

+ Shape: Mainly square or rectangular.

+ Paper type: Fort paper has weights of 70, 80, 90, 100gsm..-230 gsm,… depending on customer needs, there is a change in paper weight.

+ Printing technique: Using Offset printing technology

+ Cover processing techniques: Embossing, imprinting, qualitative UV, plastic gluing, foil pressing,…

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Along with that, we also record the customer’s desired notebook surface design and images, as well as the time needed to complete the product and deliver it. Customers make a deposit of 50% of the order value to Vinaprint.

To contact us, you can do so through the following methods:

Official website:  https://www.vinaprint.vn/
Hotline/ Zalo: 0909 256 066 – 0932 532 472
Email: vinaprint.vn@gmail.com
Or you can come and work directly with the local consulting team Company address: 21 Bau Cat 2, Ward 14, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City. Vinaprint office works from Monday to Saturday every week. Working hours of the day are morning: 8:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m., afternoon: 1:30 p.m. – 5:30 p.m.

Step 2:  Based on the customer’s design needs, the sales department will receive and quote directly to the customer.

Step 3:  Customers make a deposit of 50% of the total order value.

Step 4:  Consulting on design styles, colors, and patterns based on existing requirements from customers. The design will then be sent back to the customer for approval.

Step 5:  When the customer is satisfied with the design, proceed to  printing the company handbook  at the processing factory. Complete this step with the steps of gluing the lid, pressing the needle, and closing as required (if any).

Step 6: Deliver to the customer at the pre-ordered address (HCMC) and collect 50% of the remaining cost of the order. For customers in other provinces and cities across the country, when the goods are available, we will take pictures for you to see, transfer the remaining 50% of the money, and we will send it to the bus station or bus station to your location upon request.

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5. Quote for cheap notebook printing service

Notebook printing prices at Vinaprint are determined based on 3 main factors:

+ Material:  Kraft paper, because the surface has not been thoroughly treated, has the cheapest price. Next are the Ford and Couche paper lines. The fine art line has a higher price than the other 3 types.
+ Specifications:  Notebooks are designed and produced based on printing techniques, number of printed sides, large or small book size, etc.
+ Printing quantity: “The more you print, the cheaper the price”








Sổ tay A5 (145×205)mm

Cover C300, inside OP80

The cover is printed in color, the inside is printed in 1 color on both sides

Matte lamination of cover, Spring finished product

Time xs: 8-10 working days




















































 The notebook printing service quote  above is only a reference quote because the exact printing price depends on a number of factors such as:

  • Material
  • Size
  • Technical processing
  • Printing required


  • The above price list does not include 10% VAT.
  • The price list above does not include design fees.

Regarding the quality of the notebooks printed at Vinaprint, we are always satisfied and highly appreciated by all customers. However, there is one more detail: the price at which Vinaprint prints  books on demand  is also committed to being the most competitive on the market today.

Customers who have come to us have rated them as completely satisfied and have compared them with a number of other service providers. Although the prices are competitive and relative, the quality of the products is also high. and the services we provide make them absolutely satisfied. Therefore, when you and your business are in need of  on-demand notebook printing services  , you can be completely assured of the quality of the products and services we provide.

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6. Notebook printing standards at Vinaprint

Each type of product and each different type of service has separate standards applicable to that product and service. With  logo printed notebooks  that use printing technology and bring businesses many different benefits, Vinaprint offers customers the following standards:

+ About size:  There are many types of sizes A4, A5, A6, A7, B5, B6… but usually the most printed notebook models are A5, A6 2.

+ Regarding printing materials at Vinaprint, we use 300gsm Bristol paper, in addition you can use Ivory paper, Kraft paper (an environmentally friendly paper that is easily recycled or biodegradable). The brochure’s advertising page is printed on 150gsm glossy Couche paper. Notebook printing paper is made of Bai Bang, Offset, Kraft paper 3.

+ The notebook printing technology applied is offset printing in 01 – 04 colors depending on the design.

+ Processing work after  printing books as required  will be as follows:

– The cover of the notebook after being processed into glossy or matte lamination. To increase aesthetics and enhance the company image, logos, slogans, and UV coating can be laminated.

– The spine spring of a notebook is often machined after printing to facilitate folding and opening. In addition, the spine is also glued, or the spine thread is sewn to make the notebook more perfect.

7. Some handbook samples printed according to customer requirements

The notebook samples printed at the request of customers from recent times are the sources of motivation and proof for our development process of Vinaprint. Not only small customers, but businesses and companies in all parts of the country have also contributed a large part to that success. Many products such as spring notebooks, notebooks, printed logo notebooks, stuffed notebooks, cuff notebooks… are evaluated by most units, partner companies, and customers for their quality.

We are committed to constantly striving to improve ourselves and bring you the best quality services and products. If you need to  print Ho Chi Minh City handbooks , please quickly contact us immediately for dedicated advice:

– HCM headquarters: 21 Bau Cat 2, Ward 14, Tan Binh District.

– Central Region Office: 839 Hung Vuong Avenue, Cam Phuc Bac, Cam Ranh, Khanh Hoa

– Hanoi Office: Trung Yen Urban Area, Trung Hoa Ward, Cau Giay District.

– Hotline:  0938 515 510  | Ms. Hong Nhung

   0975 128 202  | Ms. Snow as

0909 256 066  | Ms. Nguyen Hieu

0932 532 472  | Ms. Ngoc Giao

– Email: vinaprint.vn@gmail.com.

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