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Let’s refer to the price list for printing chopsticks bags – printing bread bags at Vinaprint and take a look at some models of printing chopsticks bags – bread bags!

Service price list Printing paper bread bags – Printing chopsticks bags at Vinaprint 

Print paper bags for breadsticks  

Quantity 70 gsm kraft paperSizes 8x29cm, 8x20cm Bai Bang Paper 70size 8x29cm long Offset paper 80 gsmsize 8x29cm long Bai Bang Paper 70

short size 8×20 cm

Offset paper 80 gsmshort size 8x20cm
2.000 750đ 720 đ 750đ 650đ 700đ
3.000 600đ 590 đ 650đ 520đ 550đ
5.000 480 đ 460 VND 490 г 390đ 410 VND
10.000 390đ 380đ 410 VND 295đ 310đ
20.000 360đ 340đ 370đ 260đ 270đ

Printing triangle paper bread bags

Quantity 70 gsm kraft paper Bai Bang paper 70 gsm Offset paper 80 gsm
2.000 760đ 780đ 820đ
3.000 620đ 650đ 690 đ
5.000 490 г 520đ 560 VND
10.000 390đ 420 VND 460 VND
20.000 350đ 390đ 420 VND

Print chopsticks bags 

FORT 80 1-COLOR PRINTED FORT SHEETS (Add 1 color +20 VND/piece)


Small bag 20 x 2.5cm

Large bag 30 x 2.5 cm


350 VND/piece

400 VND/piece


240 VND/piece

250 VND/piece


230 VND/piece

240 VND/piece

Printing quality bread bags nationwide.

  • Bread is a Vietnamese product that has an international brand, bakeries as well as bread carts have equipped themselves with their own brand through bread bags, printing bread bags  increases recognition. brand identity and increase customer trust
  • A bread bag is a compact but important item in everyday life. Not only does it keep the bread hot and fresh, but it also provides convenience and protection for the person carrying it. In addition, bread bags are also a symbol of street food culture, especially in big cities around the world. Using bread bags also shows respect and care for the environment, because it helps reduce plastic waste.
  • Beautiful packaging is a factor that drives customer purchasing behavior, invest in printing paper bread bags to boost your sales.
  • Vinaprint will help you advise on the design of an impressive bread bag.

Benefits from printing paper bread bags

Printing paper bread bags is a solution that meets consumer needs and also actively contributes to environmental protection. Paper bags can be reused many times, and are biodegradable and gentle on the environment. In addition, printing paper bread bags also brings economic benefits to businesses, because they can print logos and product information on the bags, helping to increase brand recognition and promote products.

Where to print paper bread bags on demand?

Vinaprint is one of the leading companies in Vietnam in the field of printing and manufacturing paper bread bags on demand. With modern equipment and experienced staff, Vinaprint is committed to bringing quality products and the best service to customers.

Producing paper bread bags on demand is a solution to meet the needs of businesses, bakeries and convenience stores. With the flexibility of the production process, customers can request printing according to their own designs, from colors, images to product information. This helps increase brand recognition and promote products to customers effectively.

To meet customer needs, Vinaprint offers many different types of paper bread bags , from traditional bread bags to zippered paper bread bags and paper bags with bread trays. Customers can choose the type of bag that suits their needs and Vinaprint will ensure the product is fully manufactured and completed, meeting all customer requirements.

All Vinaprint products are manufactured and thoroughly tested before being released to the market. All products meet high quality standards and are warranted until the customer receives the product. In addition, Vinaprint is also committed to providing customers with the best after-sales service, supporting customers during product use and answering all customer questions.

Some beautiful bread bag models.

Vinaprint provides many beautiful and diverse bread bag models for customers to choose from. Some outstanding  bread bag models at Vinaprint include:

  • Traditional paper bread bags with diverse colors and simple designs create a feeling of closeness to customers.
  • Paper bread bags with zippers help protect the bread better and are convenient for customers to carry.
  • The paper bread bag has a bread tray that helps the bread keep its shape and avoids being crushed during transportation. All bread bag models are made from high-quality materials and ensure safety for users.

Print chopsticks cheaply, beautifully, quickly.

Vinaprint Printing Design would like to introduce to customers the product of chopstick covers , with offset printing technology and finished products, especially we design free samples for customers to print orders for this product, with quality finished products. Fort 70, 80 or 100gsm paper products, printing chopsticks in two sizes, small and large, will make customers satisfied. Printing cheap chopsticks is the top goal we bring to customers when ordering printed products. Saigon chopsticks will make you satisfied

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