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Price list for professional, reputable envelope printing services

Price list for Printing Envelopes 24.5x35x3cm

100 OF THEM 3, 500 VND 2 DAYS
200 PCS 3, 200 đ 2 DAYS
500 PCS 3,000 VND 2 DAYS
1000 PCS 1,800 đ 2 DAYS
2000 PCS 1, 700đ 2 DAYS

Price list for Printing Envelopes 16.5X23x3cm

100 OF THEM 2, 500 VND 2 DAYS
200 PCS 2, 200 đ 2 DAYS
500 PCS 1, 900đ 2 DAYS
1000 PCS 1, 750đ 2 DAYS
2000 PCS 1, 600đ 2 DAYS

Price list for Printing Envelopes 12X22x3cm

100 OF THEM 2, 200 đ 2 DAYS
200 PCS 2,000 VND 2 DAYS
500 PCS 1, 600đ 2 DAYS
1000 PCS 1, 350đ 2 DAYS
2000 PCS 1, 200 đ 2 DAYS

Cheap, quality envelope printing service at factory in Ho Chi Minh City.

  • Printing cheap envelopes  is an indispensable promotional publication for businesses. It is a convenient way to promote your brand and is also an effective way to send letters or products to their destination safely. Complete and professional. Envelopes printed with the company’s logo or information help increase the professionalism of the message and make an impression on customers. Using envelopes printed with logos also helps increase your brand recognition and build trust with customers. client. When customers receive your letter or product in a logo-printed envelope, they will feel more secure and confident in your brand. Besides, printing envelopes is also a cost-saving way compared to Printing individual cover letters. Envelopes printed with logos can be produced in large quantities and at a cheaper price than printing individual envelopes.

Specifications and sizes for printing cheap envelopes.

However, printing envelopes will cost you a lot of money. Choosing a cheap envelope printing service will help your business save costs, focus on improving product quality and service, increasing brand reputation as well as sales and profits for your business.

Product information

  • Common envelope sizes:   Small envelope 12×22 cm – Medium envelope 16×23 cm – Large envelope 25×35 cm.
  • Envelope printing specifications: Offset printing or Digital printing, Automatic binding.
  • Envelope printing paper material: Fort paper, Couche paper, kraft paper, weight from 80gsm – 100gsm – 120gsm – 150gsm – 200gsm
    Common envelope sizes

Paper materials used to print envelopes

Envelope printing paper material is one of the factors that plays an important role in the quality of envelope products, and also contributes to the diversity of the form of these products. There are many different types of paper materials used to print envelopes, suitable for different uses and requirements of customers.

  • The most common type of paper is offset paper, with a thickness of 70 to 100 gsm. Offset paper is highly durable, wrinkle-free and less prone to tearing. It also has good ink absorption, making printed images and text sharp and clear.
  • Couch paper is also a popular choice for printing envelopes. This type of paper has high gloss and smoothness, making printed letters clearer and images sharper. However, couche paper often has a higher price than offset paper.
  • In addition, there are also types of paper such as Kraft paper, glossy paper, art paper and carbonless paper. Each type of paper has its own characteristics and is suitable for different uses.

Cheap envelope printing service at Vinaprint

Vinaprint is one of the reputable printing service providers in Vietnam, especially in the field of envelope printing. With many years of experience and a team of professional staff, Vinaprint is committed to providing customers with cheap, quality envelope printing services that fully meet the necessary requirements.

With modern printing equipment and a team of professional staff, Vinaprint can produce envelopes in many different sizes, colors and materials to suit customers’ different uses. .

Not only does it ensure competitive prices, Vinaprint also commits to providing the most optimal envelope printing solutions to save costs for customers. At the same time, our staff supports customers with advice on design and choosing suitable paper materials to ensure printed products have the best quality.

If you are in need of cheap and quality envelope printing service, please contact Vinaprint for detailed advice and quotes.

Some beautiful envelope printing samples for reference

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