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Folder printing price list at Vinaprint

Price list for printing folders and printing one-sided file covers.

Specifications Quantity Unit price into money Time
– Dimensions: 21.8 x 31 cm, folded arms 7 cm. – 1-sided digital printing– Matt/gloss lamination on 1 side

– Couche paper 300gsm

100 14.000 1.400.000 5 days
200 13.000 2.600.000 5 days
300 12.000 3.600.000 5 days
400 11.000 4.400.000 5 days
– Dimensions: 21.8 x 31 cm, folded arms 7 cm. – Offset printing on 1/2 side

– Matt/gloss lamination on 1 side

– Couche paper 300gsm

500 9.000 4.500.000 7 days
1.000 5.600 5.600.000 7 days
2.000 4.600 9.200.000 9 days
3.000 4.450 13.350.000 9 days

Price list for printing folders, printing double-sided file covers.

Specifications Quantity Unit price into money Time
– Dimensions: 21.8 x 31 cm, folded arms 7 cm. – 2-sided digital printing– Matt/gloss lamination on 1 side

– Couche paper 300gsm

100 17.000 1.700.000 5 days
200 16.000 3.200.000 5 days
300 15.000 4.500.000 5 days
400 14.000 5.600.000 5 days

Note and when ordering Folder printing:

  • The above price list does not include 10% VAT
  • The above price list does not include folder design fees
  • The above colors vary by 10 – 15% on the computer screen
  • In addition to the standard 7cm folded sleeve, there are also other styles such as 2-sided folded sleeves, middle nape, high folded sleeves, etc. Depending on the type, it is best to carefully ask the customer’s requirements to calculate the exact price.

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Process of quoting and ordering Folder printing

1 Receive information requesting a quote  for printing Folder  via phone, Zalo or Email.
2 Quote  for printing Folder  directly via phone, Zalo or email after 15 minutes of receiving information
3 Customers deposit 50% of total order value
4 Design and print according to orders
5 Post-printing processing: metal pressing, embossing, die-cutting as required (if any)
6 Delivered to your door in  Ho Chi Minh City . Collect 50% of the remaining amount of the order
7 For customers in the province, when the goods are available, we will take pictures for you to see, transfer the remaining 50% of the money, and we will send it to the bus station or bus station to your location upon request.

Quality folder printing service.

Folder is a printing product widely used in advertising and marketing activities of businesses.

A folder is a document that presents information, introduces a company’s products or services, designed in many different styles and sizes. Folders help businesses present information professionally and attract customers’ attention effectively. Printing folders is a great way to promote your brand and bring product information to customers quickly and conveniently.

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Therefore, you need to focus on investing in folder printing in a professional and methodical way. Don’t do it crudely just to save costs.

Print folders in small quantities at reasonable prices

You are a company, a small business, the need to use folders is not much, but usually the printer requires over 500 to produce, which leads to high costs and low efficiency. With a customer-oriented motto, we have a digital printing solution that can print folders in small quantities of 100 or 200 pieces while still ensuring the best price, helping you save on folder printing costs.

Learn more about Folder printing

Folder printing is one of the popular printing services and is widely used in advertising and marketing activities of businesses. A folder is a document that presents a company’s product or service information, beautifully and professionally designed to attract customers’ attention. Folders come in many different designs and sizes, depending on the intended use and customer requirements. Printing folders helps businesses present information professionally and attract customers’ attention effectively, while creating professionalism and prestige for their brand.

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At In VinaPrint, we understand and know what you need. Therefore, we always update the newest and most modern equipment to meet the needs of our customers.

Besides, VinaPrint’s technicians are all the most rigorously selected and highly skilled.

Evidence for the above is that we have been operating for nearly 10 years in the market and are trusted and praised by tens of thousands of domestic and foreign customers.

Folders printed with logos are also great advertising:

Logo printed folders are one of the advertising printing products that are widely used in marketing and brand promotion campaigns of businesses. With a beautiful and professional design, logo printed folders are a great way to introduce your business’s products or services to customers in a professional and effective way.

There are many different types of logo printed folders, depending on the purpose of use and customer requirements. However, they all have one highlight in common: the business logo image printed on the folder surface. Logos are an indispensable part of branding, and with logo printed folders, the business logo is clearly displayed and attracts customers’ attention.

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Using logo printed folders is an effective way to increase a business’s brand recognition and create an impression with customers. When customers receive a folder with a professional and beautiful logo printed on it, they will tend to keep it and use it for a long time, creating a lasting promotional effect and increasing brand awareness.

In addition, logo printed folders can also be used as gifts for customers during events or promotions. This helps increase the professionalism and reputation of the business, while creating a better connection between the business and customers.

Some notes when printing folders 

When printing folders, there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure optimal printing quality and advertising effectiveness. First, you need to choose a style and size suitable for the content to be presented. Next, it is necessary to choose the correct type of paper to ensure that colors and printed images are reproduced accurately. In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to the resolution and brightness of the image to ensure the best printing quality. Finally, it is necessary to use appropriate and readable fonts to increase the professionalism and advertising effectiveness of the folder.

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The company designs and prints folders professionally and quickly. Come to VinaPrint!

  • Reasonable price, printed directly at the factory without intermediaries
  • Professional design and production, young dynamic team.
  • Use quality paper materials and ink to print HCMC folders according to standards
  • Can print continuously 24/7 (If customers need it urgently and in large quantities)

Some beautiful folder designs.

Print cheap name cards.