In Giấy note – ghi chú

” Notebook – Notebook ” is not simply an everyday item but also becomes a reliable companion for us. If you need to print this publication for your business, please immediately refer to the price list for printing notebooks and notebooks at Vinaprint. We not only provide regular notebooks but also offer a variety of designs and product quality. Let Vinaprint send you the price list for printing notebooks and notebooks along with unique and rich notebook models in this article so you have more choices and absolute satisfaction!



Printing technique



5 books 1 CONTENT

Digital printing

4 Colors


10 books 1 CONTENT

Digital printing

4 Colors


20 books 1 CONTENTS

Digital printing

4 Colors


30 books 1 CONTENTS

Digital printing

4 Colors


40 books 1 CONTENTS

Digital printing

4 Colors


50 books 1 CONTENTS

Digital printing

4 Colors


100 books 1 CONTENT

In Offset

4 Colors


200 books 1 CONTENTS

In Offset

4 Colors


500 books 1 CONTENT

In Offset

4 Colors


1000 books 1 CONTENT

In Offset

4 Colors


Print cheap notes and note paper at a factory in Ho Chi Minh City

Printing notepads and sticky notes is extremely necessary and urgent, guys. “Professionalism” is an important factor in working style, don’t let things go into oblivion or delay, create a habit of taking notes on everything to complete every job well.

We have been serving customers printing sticky notes and notes across the country with the criteria “Fast – Cheap – Beautiful”. Please rest assured to experience VinaPrint’s cheap printing service .

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– Free design

– Size: 7×10 cm

– Print 1-4 colors, 1 side

– Material: Fort paper 80gsm

– Processing: Trimming, spring binding, spine gluing

– Time: 4-5 days

In addition, we also provide note book printing services, printing high-quality note books with unique designs.

In addition to the popular note book models made of normal couche cover material, we also offer customers high-end notebook models and notebooks with a variety of materials suitable as business gifts to enhance your brand. Friend.

Some notepad samples:

+ High quality leather notebook: this type of high quality leather notebook is the first choice if you want to think of a suitable note book, this is the top priority for that notebook.

+ Sewing-stitched notebook: With the advantage of being compact, lightweight, convenient and easy to take notes, this is a suitable product for those who prefer to move.

+ Spring notepad: With the spring structure, flipping and writing will become easier than ever.

Customers who have certain concerns about producing handbooks for their company, please contact our company immediately for the most timely consulting support.

With beautiful, unique designs and rich colors – VinaPrint printing company  will satisfy you with small, cute notepads that are easy to use anytime, anywhere!

4 serious errors when printing notebooks and notebooks that lead to not achieving the desired effect:

  • Product images are not appealing.
  • The quality of the note paper is  poor.
  • The colors are not harmonious and vivid.
  • No advice from the printer on printing specifications.

Therefore, you need an advertising company to design and print professional, quick notes. Come to Vina Print!

  • Reasonable price, printed directly at the factory without intermediaries
  • Professional design and production, young dynamic team.
  • Use quality paper materials and ink to print note paper according to standards
  • Can print continuously 24/7 (If customers need it urgently and in large quantities)

The above article has provided you with information about ” Printing notepads – notes “. Follow  Vinaprint to learn more information about printing services , folder printing  and other related articles.

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