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Are you looking for a place to print retail invoices with reasonable prices, fast printing time while still ensuring quality? Vinaprint is the ideal choice for you. We are committed to providing professional, flexible and convenient retail receipt printing services, while ensuring absolute customer satisfaction.

1. Price list for printing retail invoices in A5 size (15 x 21cm) for reference.

COLOR JUMPING NUMBERS 2 copies + 3,000 VND/roll; 3 copies + 4,500 VND/roll
Quantity Fo 70 gsm – 1 pack  Carbonless 2 links Carbonless 3 links
10 books 35,000 VND/piece 37,000 VND/piece 50,000 VND/piece
20 books 26,000 VND/piece 35,000 VND/piece 49,000 VND/piece
30 books 25,500 VND/piece 32,000 VND/piece 48,000 VND/piece
40 books 25,000 VND/piece 30,000 VND/piece 47,000 VND/piece
50 books 24,000 VND/piece 28,000 VND/piece 45,000 VND/piece
100 books 20,000 VND/piece 23,000 VND/piece 33,000 VND/piece
200 books 19,000 VND/piece 22,000 VND/piece 31,000 VND/piece

2. Cheap retail invoice printing service at Ho Chi Minh City factory

Cheap retail invoice printing factory in Ho Chi Minh City . Order printing retail invoices at VinaPrint and you will receive many incentives and the best service with the criterion “100% free reprinting when customers are not satisfied” .
Free design, nationwide delivery.

Retail invoice is also known as

  • Print Receipt
  • Sales receipt.
  • Warehouse release note, warehouse receipt note.
  • Print receipts and payment slips
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We provide retail receipt printing services for:

  • Fashion shop invoice
  • Grocery store receipt
  • Company invoice
  • Restaurant receipt
  • Bills for pubs and restaurants

=> Some beautiful retail invoice samples.

3. There are many retail invoice printing models including:

a. Retail invoice 1 copy

  • Intended use: Usually used as retail invoices (no need to save). List the name of the product the customer purchases and the corresponding amount, making billing easy and transparent.
  • Target users: Usually retail stores, directly selling goods to consumers.
  • Paper type: Usually use photocopy paper (thin Bai Bang paper).
  • Size: Usually 15x21cm (A5) is used for small quantities of goods and A4 size is used for large quantities of goods.
  • Specifications: Bind (100 sheets/book), spine glued for easy tearing and giving to customers.

b. Retail invoice 2 copies

  • Purpose of use: Used as wholesale and retail invoices. List the goods sold to customers, list the amount, warranty period (if any), making comparison quick and convenient when needed.
  • Target users: Stores and companies selling goods requiring warranty. It is necessary to save customer information and product information for later comparison.
  • Paper type: Carbonless paper (write 2 copies without adding carbon paper in the middle, just put a sheet of cardboard below the 2nd copy).
  • Size: There are 2 types A4 and A5.

            + A4 size (21x30cm) is used for wholesale in large quantities because the recording area is large and has many lines to record many products.

            + A5 size (15x21cm) is often used to record small quantity orders.

  • Specification: Bound 100 sheets/book (50 copies); Serrated tear grooves for easy 2nd row tearing; Automatic jump numbers (numbers 1 and 2 are identical) make searching and comparing easy.

c. Retail invoice 3 copies

  • Intended use: Often used by wholesale companies, online sales companies, courier companies, delivery companies, etc. Used as invoices, receipts, receipts. It also has the same effect as the 1-copy and 2-copy types, but there is an additional 3rd copy to keep in the warehouse or when delivered, the customer signs and the carrier takes it back to the company (for the purpose of proving that they have delivered the goods and the customer has received the goods)
  • Target audience: Large wholesale companies, delivery companies, online delivery companies, beer bars, restaurants used as orders…
  • Paper type: Carbon paper (with 3 pages without carbon paper)
  • Size: There are also 2 common sizes A5, A4. But it also depends on the needs of each company to have the appropriate size.
  • Specification: Bound 150 sheets/book (50 copies); Just like the 2-link type with serrated grooves; numbers jump automatically.

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