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Do you want to print paper boxes for moon cakes ? Do you need to find a reputable, high-quality mid-autumn box printing address at the right price? Come to Vinaprint – Vietnamese printing service to get advice with many attractive promotions.

The meaning of printing moon cake boxes

Mid-Autumn Festival is also the time when moon cake boxes become meaningful gifts for family, partners, friends, colleagues, etc. Understanding that, moon cake brands not only pay attention to the quality of the cake, creating attractive new flavors, but also pay attention to the cake boxes. Beautiful, eye-catching cake boxes not only make Mid-Autumn Festival gifts more meaningful but also impress customers, partners, etc. thereby enhancing the value of products and brands. Below are the meanings of printing moon cake boxes.

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Enhance brand value

High-end moon cake boxes often contain logos, images as well as slogans and brand information. Thereby demonstrating the business’s dedication to product quality, contributing to creating a professional impression and helping customers feel secure about the product’s quality. Not only that, but it also helps the brand stand out from the crowd, helps affirm its position and enhances the value of the brand.

Stimulates consumer desire

Moon cakes are a special gift for family, partners, friends, etc. Beautiful, luxurious moon cake box models will easily create an impression on the recipient, scoring points in the eyes of the other person. . That’s why consumers today not only care about the taste of cakes but also pay attention to the form and appearance of cakes and cake boxes. That’s why a beautiful cake box will stimulate customers’ desire to consume and buy cakes, helping the products to be consumed faster.

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The meaning of printing moon cake boxes

Free advertising strategy

Four-wheeled moon boxes are often chosen as gifts for businesses, partners or family and relatives. With a unique and impressive design, it will help you score points in the eyes of customers and those around you. From there, it makes them pay attention to the business’s cake brand. A free advertising strategy that helps retain old customers and attract new customers.

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Monopoly position

As social networks grow, something as simple as a cake box can create a trend and help brands easily gain a monopoly position at the forefront of the trend. That’s why uniquely and creatively designed cake boxes are always responded to, enjoyed by everyone and attract consumers to the moon cake brand.

Monopoly position

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Why should you print paper boxes for moon cakes at Vinaprint?

High quality with a variety of designs and products

During the Mid-Autumn Festival, there are many baked cakes and pastries with a variety of flavors, each flavor will fit into a separate cake box. Therefore, businesses will need a highly capable printing unit that can provide a variety of product designs. Coming to Vinaprint, we own advanced technology and high quality paper and ink. The types of paper we use when printing high-end moon boxes are: 

  • Ivory Paper
  • Kraft paper
  • Coucher paper
  • Art Paper
  • Couche paper
  • Duplex paper

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Why should you print paper boxes for moon cakes at Vinaprint?

Depending on the requirements of the business, we can be flexible and creative to bring the best quality moon box products. Below are some high-end mid-autumn box models at Vinaprint:

  • Traditional box:

This is the most popular type of moon cake box. Boxes are square, rectangular or round, usually made of cardboard or cardboard. Traditional boxes can have multiple tiers to accommodate multiple mooncakes.

Traditional moon cake box
  • Gift box:

Gift boxes are often made of high-quality materials such as cardboard, cardboard or alloy. In addition to the function of containing moon cakes, the gift box also has a luxurious design and is beautifully decorated, suitable for giving as a gift.

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Luxurious gift mooncake box
  • Simple box:

This is a simple mooncake box, usually made of cardboard and has a simple design. Simple boxes are often used for corporate occasions, events or to sell moon cakes in large quantities.

Simple moon cake box
  • Mini box – 4-wheel moon box:

Mini boxes are compact boxes, containing from 1 to 4 moon cakes. This 4-wheel moon box is suitable as a personal gift or to enjoy on its own.

Mini box – 4-wheel moon box
  • Handmade moon cake box:

These are moon cake boxes handcrafted from materials such as wood, bamboo, textile art and garments. This type of box brings natural and traditional beauty.

Handmade moon cake box

In particular, the box products printed at Vinaprint not only have an eye-catching appearance and design but are also very durable and high-quality, helping to keep the cake from external influences during transportation and photo making. affects the quality of the cake.

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Dynamic design team and dedicated and professional consulting team

Coming to Vinaprint, customers will experience the dedication and professionalism of a team of consultants. Thereby helping customers easily choose products that suit their requirements as well as choose printing materials and inks suitable for their products. Not only that, a dynamic design team will bring high quality products with a variety of designs and sizes to suit customer requirements.

Shipping policy and fast delivery time

Vinaprint always adheres to committed times and ensures quality when delivering on time. Customers do not need to worry about the product not being shipped in time or the delivery time being delayed. Reliability as well as accuracy in delivery time have always been Vinaprint’s strong points in recent times. Besides, we always ensure that the product will be transported safely, avoiding damage during the process from the factory to the customer.

4-wheeled Mid-Autumn Festival box at Vinaprint

Price and after-sales service

Vinaprint is committed to providing paper moon cake box printing services at reasonable, competitive prices, suitable for businesses’ budgets. At the same time, Vinaprint also provides quality after-sales service, ready to support customers during product use.

Price list for printing paper boxes for moon cakes

Currently, Vinaprint does not have a specific price list for each type of paper moon cake box product because this price depends on the material, size, etc. of the product. For advice and detailed prices, please visit Home page – Vinaprint – Vietnamese printing service or contact hotline: 0938515510  for advice today.

The price list at Vinaprint is considered reasonable and consistent with service quality. Not only does Vinaprint bring dedication to customers, it also shows professionalism in the customer care process. As soon as the information is received, consultants will provide quotes and advise customers on suitable products.

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High-end moon box models , 4-wheeled moon boxes at Vinaprint

High-end moon box models, 4-wheeled moon boxes at Vinaprint

Above is information about the moon cake box printing service at Vinaprint. Please visit our website to experience other printing services as well as receive preferential policies and promotions.

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