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The Vietnamese tea market is growing strongly, leading to an  increased demand for printing tea boxes . To meet the above needs, many tea box printing units   were born. However, not every place is reputable and quality.

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So how to create a tea box that is both beautiful, high quality, and suitable for the product and target customers? Join Vinaprint to learn about the following article.

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Printing tea boxes and unexpected effects for businesses in business

Tea is a popular drink in the world, loved by many people. To attract customers and develop their brands, tea businesses need to focus on product packaging, especially tea boxes. That’s why printing  tea boxes  brings the following advantages.

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Increase brand recognition

Tea boxes are one of the important factors that contribute to increasing brand recognition for businesses. Factors that help tea boxes increase brand recognition:

  • Use the business logo and slogan on the tea box.
  • Use brand-specific colors and images.
  • Unique and impressive tea box design.

Create professionalism

Investing  in tea box printing  is an effective way to create professionalism for your business. Therefore, business owners should focus on designing and  printing  high quality tea boxes to achieve the best results. This is clearly shown through the box material, design and information presented.

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Build credibility with customers

A beautifully designed tea box using high-quality paper will make a good impression on customers at first sight. This will help customers trust more in the quality of products and businesses. From there, customers will understand better and have more sympathy for the brand.

Easy advertising and marketing

Tea boxes are a good product advertising media channel. Therefore, businesses can take advantage of tea boxes to display in stores, supermarkets and online sales channels. Not only that, tea can be used as a gift for friends, relatives, colleagues, etc. Thereby, business owners can easily reach more potential customers.

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Why should you choose to print tea boxes at Vinaprint?

Leading printing brand – Vinaprint

Products with diverse designs and high quality

Vinaprint is a reputable printing unit in Vietnam, specializing in providing packaging printing products, including tea boxes. Tea box products at Vinaprint have a variety of designs, suitable for many types of tea and customer needs. In addition, high-quality paper material ensures quality during use.

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Advanced and modern printing technology

Using the latest technology, applied in the printing industry, Vinaprint creates tea boxes that always maintain colors, sharp images and high durability. In short, with modern printing technology and professional design services, Vinaprint will help customers create high quality products, meeting all design and printing needs.

The quality and design of the box printing is produced by Vinaprint

Ensure time and work progress

Vinaprint is a reputable printing unit in Vietnam, committed to ensuring time and work progress for customers. Vinaprint understands that time is an important factor in the printing industry, so it always strives to meet requirements and commit to on time and progress agreed with customers.

Vinaprint will notify customers about printing time and progress before starting. During the printing process, Vinaprint will regularly update printing progress for customers.

Competitive prices and after-sales policy

Quality products but competitive prices are something that Vinaprint always cares about and applies to its pricing policy, suitable to customer needs. Besides, customers also receive good after-sales policies, ensuring benefits when using the product.

Safe transportation

Vinaprint has a team of professional staff with experience in packaging and shipping printing products. Vinaprint is also equipped with a modern transportation system, ensuring the safety of printed products during transportation.

Quote for printing tea boxes at Vinaprint

Reference price list for Vinaprint’s tea box printing service

Paper tea box models are popular today

Currently, there are many popular paper tea box models on the market. Below are some popular tea box printing samples that business owners can refer to.

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High quality tea box

High-end tea boxes are often made from high-quality materials such as wood, leather, etc. These materials have high durability, good waterproofing and moisture resistance, ensuring safe tea preservation and preserving the aroma. delicious taste.

With a luxurious, sophisticated design, suitable for many different usage spaces, decorated with patterns, letters, etc. This will be a suitable gift for important partners and customers. high-end goods.

High quality tea box with luxurious appearance

Universal box

If you are a popular tea production business and want to save costs, then popular tea boxes are the perfect choice for you. With affordable prices, popular tea boxes bring you convenience and significant savings.

However, you do not need to worry about the quality and design of  tea box printing  when producing. We are committed to ensuring product quality and durability, and provide a variety of designs for you to choose from.

Round paper box for tea

The delicate, rounded appearance of the round tea box

Completely different from traditional square boxes, round paper tea boxes have become a popular trend today. And perhaps, when you see it, you will immediately understand why it is so popular.

  • Easy to grip: with its rounded shape, you can grip the box naturally and comfortably. No more worrying about the tea box slipping out of your hand or causing an aesthetic loss when you try to hold it.
  • Creates a feeling of luxury and sophistication: not only is it a regular tea container, but it also shows meticulousness and sophistication in design, every small detail is carefully cared for.

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