In lịch gỗ Laminate treo tường

As each year passes and the new year begins, everyone searches for the most luxurious and eye-catching Tet calendars for their families. Besides many current Tet calendar models, the new trend in the past few years is that most consumers favor Laminate wall-mounted wooden calendar models. This type of calendar is known for its durability and beauty over time among all wooden wall calendars currently on the market. Therefore, the need to find places to print wooden Laminate wall calendars has been extremely high, especially near the end of the year like now.

Price list for printing wooden Laminate wall calendars 

Product information Quantity 5mm board 40x60cm 9mm board 40x60cm Time
One Set includes: Wooden cover, Bloc, fabric bag. Cover material: MDF board 5mm/9mm thickCompletion time: 7-15 days

Size: 40×60 cm

+ MDF wood cover 5mm/9mm thick

+ Large block 14.5 x 20.5cm: + 38,000 VND

+ Cloth bag: +7,000 VND

Size: 50×70.50×75 cm +24,000 VND/cover.

+ 9mm thick MDF wood cover

+ Super large block 20 x 30cm: +71,000 VND

+ Cloth bag: +9,000 VND

50 85,000 VND 93,000 VND 5 days
100 80,000 VND 88,000 VND 5 days
200 75,000 VND 83,000 VND 7 days
300 70,000 VND 78,000 VND 7 days
500 65,000 VND 73,000 VND 10 days
1.000 60,000 VND 68,000 VND 10 days
1.500 56,000 VND 64,000 VND 10 days
2.000 52,000 VND 59,000 VND 12 days


  • The above price quote does not include VAT, design costs, printing materials, etc.
  • To receive a detailed, complete quote, please contact us via hotline: 0938 515 510

The above quote is only a preliminary quote for the Laminate wall calendar printing service. To see the full quote, click on the following link: SEE DETAILED PRICE QUOTE IN TET CALENDAR !

To better understand the Laminate wooden wall calendar models, as well as the address that provides reputable, quality and affordable printing services for this type of calendar, please join us in reading the article. down here.

Outstanding advantages of Laminate wooden wall calendars

Laminate wooden wall calendar is a popular product for decoration and use in time management. With the combination of wood material and Laminate technology, this product brings many outstanding advantages.

First, Laminate wooden wall calendars are highly durable, the product is made from natural wood and protected by a Laminate layer that is resistant to abrasion, scratches and stains. Therefore, this product can be used for a long time without being damaged or fading.

Second, the Laminate wooden wall calendar has a beautiful and luxurious design. This product is designed with many different designs and patterns, from elegant to modern and suitable for many different decorative styles.

Third, Laminate wooden wall calendars are very convenient and easy to use. This product can be hung on the wall or placed on the desk, helping users easily manage time and work schedules. Furthermore, this product can be easily cleaned and sanitized to keep the surface clean and new.

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Finally, Laminate wooden wall calendar is an environmentally friendly product. Natural wood is used to make this product, helping to minimize waste of resources and not harm the environment.

Materials used to produce wooden wall calendars: Laminate

As introduced above, nowadays users are very fond of using Laminate wooden wall calendars. But do you know what type of wood Laminate is?

Laminate wooden wall calendar is a product made from natural wood and protected by a layer of Laminate that is resistant to abrasion, scratches and stains. .

The natural wood used to make this product is a sturdy and durable material, ensuring long-term product durability and helping to minimize the impact on the environment. Wood is carefully selected to ensure the thickness and hardness of the product.

Laminate layer protects the product from the influence of the external environment. This layer is a durable material and resistant to abrasion, scratches and stains. This Laminate layer helps the product maintain its color and gloss, and makes the product easier to clean and sanitize.

The Laminate wooden wall calendar product is an environmentally friendly product, because it is made from natural wood and the Laminate layer does not emit toxic chemicals.

Wooden wall calendar printing service upon request

Vinaprint is a professional printing company, providing on-demand wooden wall calendar printing services. With a team of highly skilled staff and many years of experience in the printing field, Vinaprint is committed to providing customers with high quality products and meeting all their needs.

With the on-demand wooden wall calendar printing service, customers can choose the design, shape and size of the product according to their preferences and needs. Customers can choose from a variety of designs and patterns, from elegant to modern and suitable for many different decorating styles.

Wooden wall calendar products printed by Vinaprint use modern printing technology and high quality ink, helping the product achieve the highest resolution and sharpness. At the same time, Vinaprint also uses natural wood and Laminate layer to protect the product from the impact of the external environment and make the product more durable.

Vinaprint is committed to providing customers with high-quality printed wooden wall calendar products, meeting all customer needs and giving customers great experiences. In addition, Vinaprint also ensures reasonable prices and quick delivery times, helping customers save time and costs.

Printing durable & beautiful wooden Laminate wall calendars to thank customers

  • At the end of the year and the New Year, the issue of giving gifts to customers is of great concern to businesses. The issues that need to be resolved around gifts are often: What gift is meaningful and appropriate? How much is the gift worth? Give gifts to all customers or selectively?… The first thing is to choose a gift that is meaningful and suitable for the company’s budget.
  • This gift not only shows the company’s appreciation to its partners but also serves to promote the business’s brand. Therefore, considering and choosing the product to achieve the ultimate goal most effectively is the top priority. And the results show that many companies think of the gift as “Tet calendar” and learn to choose the appropriate Tet calendar printing company.

Print Laminate wooden wall calendars to promote your brand

  • A beautifully and delicately designed calendar will become a decorative item that shows the elegance, aesthetics and luxury of the giver as well as the user. Therefore, choosing a beautiful laminate calendar to give to customers and business partners will give the recipient a good view of the company’s image. Tet calendar printing companies also compete in offering many Tet calendar designs to meet the different needs of many businesses.
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  • Designing Tet laminate calendars as gifts for customers is one of the effective advertising solutions. Because the calendar is a very effective reminder, it is often used by customers all year long and placed in easy-to-see locations on the desk.
  • Therefore, wooden wall calendars  need to be designed in a harmonious and professional way to create a feeling of closeness to customers while also creating a good impression in the hearts of customers and the image of the business. That is one of the ways to position a business’s brand more clearly in the hearts of customers.
  • Another necessary thing for businesses, in addition to determining the desired type of Tet calendar, is to choose a Tet calendar printing company  that meets the set requirements.

Receive processing of laminate wooden calendars for service companies and advertising companies

  • With a modern, closed laminate wooden calendar making line, we are confident enough to make wooden calendar products at the best prices in the current market.
  • Every year the design team always updates new and strange codes to keep up with market trends.
  • If you are an advertising company, service company, event organization company… do not hesitate to contact us immediately to receive incentives and the lowest prices.

Beautiful laminate wooden calendar template

Coming to Vinaprint to experience the Laminate wall calendar printing service, you will definitely be satisfied. We always commit to quality and price to each customer so you can completely rest assured. For more detailed information, as well as quick answers to your questions and problems related to our services, please contact us immediately for answers:

With advanced, modern printing technology, emulsion of all colors. Professional from consulting to designing impressive, outstanding products and fast shipping, we always strive to bring you quality Laminate wall calendar printing services at the cheapest price.

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