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We have been serving customers printing name cards  across the country with the criteria “Fast – Cheap – Beautiful”. Please rest assured to experience In Vietnam’s cheap name card printing service .

Price list for printing name cards – business cards – cheap business cards combined with cards.

General specifications

  • Offset printing to combine cards (No color complaints accepted)
  • Size: 9×5.4cm
  • Paper type: Couche 300gsm, 2-sided matte lamination
  • Business cards are stored in regular plastic boxes.
5 boxes 30,000 VND 150,000 VND 3 days
10 boxes 20,000 VND 200,000 VND 3 days
20 boxes 17,000 VND 340,000 VND 3 days
50 boxes 15,000 VND 750,000 VND 3 days

Price list for printing name cards – business cards – digital business cards.

General specifications

  • High quality Digital printing
  • Size: 9×5.4cm
  • Paper type: Couche 300gsm, 2-sided matte lamination
  • Business cards are stored in a good mica box.


1-2 boxes 120,000 VND 24 hours
3-7 boxes 100,000 VND 24 hours
8-12 boxes 90,000 VND 24 hours
13-17 boxes 80,000 VND 36h
18-22 boxes 70,000 VND 36h
23-30 boxes 65,000 VND 36h
31-40 boxes 60,000 VND 36h
> 40 boxes 55,000 VND Agree

Price list for printing name cards – business cards – digital business cards.

You need a more classy, ​​luxurious business card, we will help you!

Price list for printing business cards – name cards – art paper visit cards.

General specifications

  • High quality Digital printing.
  • Size: 9×5.4cm.
  • Econo/Elica/K02/K04/K05 art paper.
  • Business cards are stored in a good mica box.
1 box 150,000 VND 150,000 VND 2 days
2 boxes 140,000 VND 280,000 VND 2 days
3 boxes 130,000 VND 390,000 VND 2 days
5 boxes 120,000 VND 600,000 VND 2 days
10 boxes 110,000 VND 1,100,000 VND 2 days
20 boxes 100,000 VND 2,000,000 VND 2 days



Price list for printing business cards – name cards – high quality PVC plastic business cards.

General specifications

  • Digitally printed emulsion cards
  • Dimensions: 88x54x0.48 mm
  • High quality PVC plastic
  • Business cards are waterproof
50 pieces 13,000 VND 650,000 VND 4 days
100 of them 10,000 VND 1,000,000 VND 4 days
200 pieces 9,500 VND 1,900,000 VND 5 days
300 pieces 9,000 VND 2,700,000 VND 5 days
500 pieces 7,500 VND 3,750,000 VND 5 days

Print beautiful, quality name cards

Printing beautiful, quality name cards is an important factor that helps create an impression and express the professionalism of an individual or business. To create beautiful, quality name cards, you need to pay attention to factors such as design, paper material, printing technology and printing techniques. The design must ensure suitability for intended use, harmonious colors and high resolution. Paper materials need to be carefully selected to ensure appropriate durability and hardness. Printing technology and printing techniques also need to be chosen correctly to ensure the best printing quality. To get beautiful and quality name card printing products, you should learn carefully about the products and services of reputable printing addresses on the market.

You are wondering what design, quality, and design should be reasonable, please contact us for advice.

Happy with the quality, Ecstatic with the design, Bursting with happiness

Benefits of name cards for individuals

Name cards bring many benefits to individuals in building a network of relationships and creating a professional image. First, name cards help individuals introduce themselves and make a first impression with others. Through name cards, you can share your personal information, job position, phone number and email address easily.

Second, name cards help increase the professionalism and trustworthiness of individuals. When you have a quality and beautifully designed business card, it shows that you are a professional and invested in your personal image. Name cards also help you quickly and easily exchange contact information with others, helping to build business relationships and communicate effectively.

Benefits of name cards for businesses

Name cards are not only beneficial for individuals but also bring many benefits to businesses. First, name cards help build brand recognition. Designing a name card that matches your business’s image and message helps create recall and increase your brand recognition. When receiving a beautiful and professional name card, customers tend to remember your business and seek further cooperation.

Benefits of name cards for you and your business

Second, name cards are an effective marketing tool. When you exchange business cards with customers or partners, you not only share contact information but also introduce the products, services and value your business brings. Name cards can contain some basic information about the business, a slogan or a special message to attract interest and create curiosity.

Print VIP name cards, Print high-end name cards, Print fine art paper name cards.

VIP name card printing service:

  • We provide VIP name card printing service, ensuring to bring you classy and luxurious name cards.
  • The paper material is carefully selected and can be high-quality paper, woven paper, gold or silver paper to create a unique and outstanding look for your name card.
  • Special design and high printing quality along with details such as matte printing, glossy lamination, or other special effects to create sophistication and professionalism for the name card.

Premium name card printing service:

  • With our premium name card printing service, you will receive quality, classy and valuable name cards.
  • We use high quality paper, ensuring durability and good printing quality.
  • The design is created with sophistication and uniqueness, combined with elements such as matte printing, glossy lamination, or other special effects to make the name card stand out and professional.

Art paper name card printing service:

  • We provide art paper name card printing services to create artistic and creative name cards.
  • Fine art paper materials are carefully selected, with a matte and non-glossy surface, bringing a sophisticated and modern feel to the name card.
  • The design is created to express artistry and uniqueness, creating a highlight for the information on the name card.

With our VIP name card printing, premium name card printing and fine art paper name card printing services, we are committed to bringing you classy, ​​quality and unique name cards, contributing to creating a lasting impression. Impressive and professional in your work.

The success or failure of a business “transaction” or name card also contributes significantly to the final result. So if personal reputation, personal brand, and company reputation are really important at work. Printing high-end business cards is almost impossible not to do.

  • Print Name card Cao Vip  for directors attending high-level events and conferences
  • Print Premium Name card  for personnel, employees, representatives, PR, senior receptionists.

Please contact us immediately for advice on printing high-quality name cards.

Name card printing service at Vinaprint 

Vinaprint is one of the most prestigious and quality addresses in the printing field in Vietnam. With many years of experience in the profession, Vinaprint is proud to provide quality name card printing services with a variety of designs, materials and printing techniques.

With Vinaprint, customers can choose from many different types of name cards such as art paper name card printing price, high-end name card printing price, vip name card printing price, lamination name card printing price, silk name card printing price, and cardboard name card printing price. , embossed name card printing price,… All of these products are printed with modern printing technology and a team of skilled and professional staff.

To meet the diverse needs of customers, Vinaprint provides professional and free name card design and name card printing services. Customers only need to provide basic information about their name, title and brand, Vinaprint will advise and design the most beautiful, impressive and professional name card.

The latest namecard printing paper materials are popular in 2023

Currently, there are many new paper materials used to print name cards, helping to create unique and impressive products. Below are some popular name card printing paper materials in 2023:

  • Kraft paper: This type of paper is made from natural materials, is highly durable and environmentally friendly. It has a characteristic brown color, creating a unique and impressive look for the name card product.
  • Embossed paper : This is a type of paper with embossed patterns, letters or images, creating a unique and sophisticated look for the name card product. Embossed paper has many colors and is highly durable, making the name card product more special.
  • Fine art paper: This is a special type of paper used to print high-end and luxurious name cards. Art paper has high thickness, hardness and durability, helping to create quality and classy name card products.
  • Couche paper: This is a type of paper with a smooth surface, glossy front side and rough back side. Couche paper has high durability and good resolution, helping to create sharp and classy name card products.
  • C1S, C2S paper: This type of paper has a flat and smooth surface, commonly used in name card printing. C1S paper has a glossy front and a rough back, while C2S paper has both sides glossy. Both types of paper have high resolution and good durability.
  • Sandpaper: This is a type of paper with a rough surface, creating a unique and delicate look for the name card product. Sandpaper is highly durable and suitable for vintage or retro style name card designs.

Send you a price list of business cards from thick to thin, from normal to luxurious, with a variety of materials and prices to suit all needs. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to contact the customer service department.

– The quality of business cards is commensurate with the price you spend.
– We send to our dear customers the price list for printing business cards upon request.
– If you haven’t found what you’re looking for, please contact Vinaprint printing directly for advice!

Some beautiful name card designs are printed at Vinaprint