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Let us help you create extremely special and classy menu creations. At Vinaprint , we specialize in producing menus from high-quality materials such as PVC, wood, mica, synthetic leather, and many other materials. With advanced printing techniques, we are committed to bringing you menu printing services – beautiful and quality menus .

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Menu printing price quote – Menu.

Printed price list of paper menu

Number of books 4 pages 8 pages 12 pages 16 pages 20 pages
5      50,000      60,000      70,000      80,000      95,000
10      40,000      50,000      60,000      70,000      85,000
15      35,000      45,000      55,000      65,000      80,000
20      30,000      40,000      50,000      60,000      75,000

Plastic menu printed price list

Print 4-layer plastic menu with 2-sided glossy lamination
Quantity 9 x 20 cm 14 x 20 cm 20 x 28 cm
5      30,000      40,000      80,000
10      25,000      35,000      70,000
15      20,000      30,000      60,000
20      15,000      25,000      50,000

Price list printed menu with leather cover

Number of books 4 pages 8 pages 12 pages 16 pages 20 pages
5 150.000 180.000 210.000 230.000 250.000
10 140.000 170.000 200.000 220.000 240.000
15 135.000 165.000 195.000 215.000 235.000
20 130.000 160.000 190.000 210.000 230.000
PRINTING PAPER C300 2-SIDED Matt lamination


  • The above price list does not include VAT
  • The price list above does not include design fees.

Below are some product samples made by Vinaprint:

Print beautiful, quality menus in Ho Chi Minh City

Printing beautiful and quality menus is important in promoting and boosting sales of restaurants, eateries and hotels. A beautiful menu will attract customers’ attention and create a good impression on the business’s brand. In addition, quality menu printing also helps increase a business’s marketing and sales capabilities. With diversity in design and printing, businesses can create unique menus that impress customers, helping to increase sales and attract returning customers.

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For restaurants with European, Asian, Japanese, Korean… styles, choosing paper mache will bring design solutions that contain the unique cultural features of each nation, bringing the unique style of each restaurant.

With the restaurant Menu design service of Vinaprint printing design and a team of experienced and creative designers, we will help you own a unique, impressive Menu, worthy of the class of your restaurant. .

Cheap restaurant Menu printing is designed on cardboard material used for restaurants that want to have unique, distinctive Menu templates, unlike any other restaurant or hotel because it shows everything. including the desired graphic image content when printing menus.

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We offer many menu printing solutions for you. Please contact us for the best advice

Vinaprint is a reputable menu printing service provider on the market, with many years of experience in the field of printing and design, highly skilled staff and the use of modern printing technology. Vinaprint is committed to providing customers with high-quality, unique menu printing products that meet all customer needs.

Vinaprint uses modern printing technology and high quality paper to print menus, ensuring product sharpness and durability. At the same time, Vinaprint also meets all customers’ needs in terms of design, from simple designs to complex designs, ensuring to create unique menus that impress customers.

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With Vinaprint, customers can order printed menus for restaurants, eateries, hotels and other businesses in the food service sector. Vinaprint is committed to providing customers with reasonable prices and quick delivery times, while also supporting customers with professional menu design and consulting services.

Process of quoting and ordering menu printing at Vinaprint

1 Receive quote request information via phone, Zalo or Email.
2 The Sales Department receives quotes directly via phone, Zalo or email after 15 minutes of receiving information.
3 Customers deposit 50% of total order value
4 Design and print according to orders
5 Post-printing processing: cover gluing, pressing, pressing as required (if any)
6 Delivered to your door in  Ho Chi Minh City . Collect 50% of the remaining amount of the order
7 For customers in the province, when the goods are available, we will take pictures for you to see, transfer the remaining 50% of the money, and we will send it to the bus station or bus station to your location upon request.
With the prestige and quality of its products, Vinaprint has become a trusted partner of many businesses in the food service and printing fields. So please contact Vinaprint immediately to receive our dedicated advice for your campaigns!
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