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Besides the importance of choosing an impressive and attractive standee design to create customer attention, the choice of standee printing material is also attracting special attention from businesses and manufacturers. invest. Among the materials used to print standees, the comparison between PP standees and Hiflex standees emerges as an issue that requires careful consideration.

In fact, the market today is diverse with many different types of materials used for printing. However, in the field of standees – one of the indispensable advertising tools, two types of materials are mainly used: Hiflex tarpaulin and PP tarpaulin. Each of these materials has its own advantages and disadvantages, and the decision between them should be based on the specific purposes of each individual or business.

Printed price list STANDEE, STANDEE BANNER


TYPE/SIZE 60 x 160 cm 80 x 180 cm 120 x 200 cm
Good quality X-shaped, ABS bar 140,000/piece 150,000/piece 210,000/piece
X-shaped windproof type 200,000/piece 220,000/piece 320,000/piece
PRINTING Glossy/Matte Lamination PP 120,000/plate 180,000/plate 280,000/plate
Time: 1 day


Type/Size 60 x 160 cm 80 x 200 cm 120 x 200 cm
Hard plastic material 140,000/piece 160,000/piece
Ordinary aluminum alloy 160,000/piece 460,000/piece  580.000
Good quality aluminum alloy 220,000/piece 600,000/piece  730.000
PRINTING Glossy/Matte Lamination PP 120,000/plate 180,000/plate 280,000/plate
Time: 1 day

Print standees using PP

PP, one of the most popular materials in the printing industry, offers unique advantages. PP canvas or paper is known for its high durability and flexibility, along with its ability to absorb ink extremely effectively. As a result, printing standees from PP often brings sharp image quality, vivid colors, and attracts the eye.

Print standees with Hiflex

Hiflex, with its affordable price but still ensuring durability, is a popular choice. However, the image quality and sharpness of Hiflex are usually only average, not comparable to PP.

Banner Printing – Canvas – Hiflex

Hiflex printing is a type of PVC tarpaulin that is heavy-duty and can withstand quite well in harsh weather conditions, very suitable for outdoor advertising. Professional Hiflex printing material is more durable than most other materials with the best ink adhesion. The flat, bright white Hiflex printing surface can be stretched to make signs and light boxes.

PP printing – X-shaped standee, rolling standee

What is PP printing ? Is the name of a type of paper in the digital printing industry. PP printing is better than photo paper, the back side has glue or no glue, after printing it is covered with a protective layer (glossy or matte). People often use PP to print advertising posters, pictures for exhibitions or hang decorative items in the house (cheap price and convenient to use: pasted, framed, hung on a standee or hung like a block calendar, PP printing also Standee included

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