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Logo printing is one of the services that receives the attention of many businesses and companies. Just a small logo or sticker pasted on the product has contributed to attracting many customers, affirming the brand and increasing revenue. To better understand the logo stamp printing service , let’s learn with Vinaprint through the following article.

Price list for paper decal printing

Dimensions (mm) Quantity
1000 2000 3000 5000
20*40 200.000 267.000 396.000 538.000
30*60 297.000 481.000 604.000 851.000
60*60 481.000 753.000 990.000 1.535.000
60*100 671.000 1.079.000 1.535.000 2.558.000

Price list for printing plastic decals (milky plastic, clear plastic) and silver decals

Dimensions (mm) Quantity
1000 2000 3000 5000
20*40 216.000 297.000 440.000 612.000
30*60 330.000 548.000 703.000 1.016.000
60*60 549.000 855.000 1.189.000 1.865.000
60*100 781.000 1.299.000 1.865.000 3.108.000

Price list for printing 7-color decals (reflective decals)

Dimensions (mm) Quantity
1000 2000 3000 5000
20*40 231.000 327.000 484.000 686.000
30*60 363.000 614.000 802.000 1.181.000
60*60 615.000 1.017.000 1.389.000 2.195.000
60*100 891.000 1.519.000 2.195.000 3.658.000

Price list for tank decal printing – warranty stamp

Dimensions (mm) Quantity
1000 2000 3000 5000
20*40 323.000 505.000 748.000 1.128.000
30*60 561.000 1.10.000 1.396.000 2.171.000

Price list for printing decals on kraft paper

Dimensions (mm) Quantity
1000 2000 3000 5000
20*40 208.000 282.000 418.000 575.000
30*60 314.000 515.000 653.000 993.000
60*60 514.000 819.000 1.090.000 1.700.000
60*100 726.000 1.189.000 1.700.000 3.833.000

What is logo stamp printing?

Logo printing is printing images, letters or symbols of a company, business or organization on the products of that business or organization for the purpose of increasing brand recognition. Products with printed logos can be watches, t-shirts, drinking glasses, handbags and many other products.

The higher the level of competition, the greater the role of labels and logos. That’s why in marketing campaigns, when a business wants to promote their brand, they will print their logo on the products they produce and sell on the market.

What is logo stamp printing?
What is logo stamp printing?

Thereby, businesses can create a product with high brand recognition, helping customers easily identify the company’s products from other products on the market. At the same time, printing logo stamps also contributes to increasing the professionalism and reputation of the business in the eyes of customers.

Logos can be printed using many different methods, including screen printing, digital printing, decal printing, etc.

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Popular logo stamp printing materials today

Paper decals

Paper decals are a popular material and widely used in printing, logo printing , advertising and decoration. Logo stamp products printed with paper decal material can easily be designed and produced with many different designs, colors and sizes, suitable for each person’s needs. Thereby not only helping to identify the brand but also increasing the aesthetics of the product.

Besides, products using paper decal material have good adhesion and adhesion and are easy to peel off without causing any damage to the mounting surface. That’s why paper decal stickers are versatile and can easily be used with many different types of products, from hangers, wall decorations, to printed products such as product boxes, labels, … Besides, printing logo stamps with paper decals is cheap, suitable and easy to find on the market.

It can be seen that with the above advantages, printing logos with paper decals has become one of the popular choices for advertising companies or individuals who want to advertise their brands.

What is logo stamp printing?
Print logo stamp using paper decal material

Transparent plastic

Besides paper decal fuel, transparent plastic logo stamp products also receive attention from individuals and businesses.

Transparent plastic stamp printing is a product with a transparent plastic film wrapped on the outside. Thereby helping to increase the aesthetics of the product, creating attraction for customers as well as making the product more luxurious and eye-catching.

Besides, products printed with logos using transparent plastic fuel are often highly durable and suitable for all surrounding environments. Transparent plastic logo stamps are water resistant and can withstand impacts from sunlight, humidity or dust. Thereby, helping to protect your product in the best condition.

Using transparent plastic logo stamps is easy to design and produce, helping to save costs and time for businesses. In particular, printing logos with transparent plastic stamps can be used on many different types of products, from bottles, electronic products, to medical equipment. This helps businesses easily reach customers in many fields.

Opaque plastic

Unlike transparent plastic, printing logos with opaque plastic is also popular with its own advantages such as: diverse fuels, high waterproof properties, many types, etc. Thereby it can be used to suit many products. products, industries.

Silver decal, mirror decal and 7 color decal

Printing logos with silver decal paper, mirror decals and 7-color decals are all options that create a unique and eye-catching product in the Marketing campaign.

These types of products bring perfection and luxury to the product. With their glossy properties and reflective effects, they help the product look more eye-catching and attract all eyes from customers.

Besides, these types of decals are easy to design and produce in a variety of colors and sizes, suitable for the needs of each product.

What is logo stamp printing?
Print logo with silver decal, mirror decal and 7-color decal

Not only that, printing logos with silver decal paper, mirror decals and 7-color decals all help the product be water-resistant and scratch-resistant, helping to protect the product from the effects of the external environment, especially when Products are transported and displayed for sale on store shelves and supermarkets.

Finally, these types of decals have high applicability and are widely used in decorating electronic products, advertising products or consumer products, etc.

Embossed decal

Embossed decals are also one of the most popular and widely used types of sticker materials when printing logos . Logo stamps using embossed decal paper are often poured onto an embossed layer of Epoxy glass, creating a 3D effect for the product. Thereby increasing the aesthetics and making the product more eye-catching to customers.

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Prestigious and quality logo stamp printing service at VinaPrint

VinaPrint is a unit specializing in providing high quality printing services in Vietnam. With experience and modern equipment, VinaPrint is committed to providing customers with reputable and quality logo printing services. We are proud to possess the following advantages:

  • A team of skilled staff with extensive experience in the printing field helps customers feel secure about product quality.
  • Using advanced printing equipment and the most modern technology. The products are printed with high accuracy and clear colors, without smearing or fading after use.
  • Committed to meeting customer needs with different types of Decal, from Silver Decal, Clear Decal, Embossed Decal and Mirror Decal,… Suitable for many types of products.
  • In particular, VinaPrint always puts reputation and quality first, ensuring reasonable prices and quick product completion time.

Therefore, come to VinaPrint to experience the highest quality and highest quality printing services.

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