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Printing paper phone bags  has been an indispensable service in promoting the brand when selling phones and building trust from customers. In this field,  Vinaprint  has affirmed its position with many outstanding advantages. We invite you to learn about  printing paper phone bags  through the following article.

Introduction to printing paper phone bags

First, we invite you to learn about printing paper phone bags , to have a more general overview of this special printing service.

What is printed paper phone bags?

Printing paper phone bags  is the process of producing paper bags printed with the logo of the phone store. These types of phone paper bags often contain important information such as store name, logo, business address and related images. Phone trading units often choose to use many different types of paper to produce paper bags.

Introduction to printing paper phone bags


Size of paper phone bags

The size of the paper phone bag varies depending on the size of the phone. However, phone shops need to ensure that paper phone bags have enough space to hold the phone and are not too big to make customers feel bulky and inconvenient. The sizes of common paper phone bags are as follows:

  • For regular phones: 100 x 150 mm or 120 x 180 mm
  • For large screen phones: 150 x 200 mm or 200 x 250 mm
Size of paper phone bags

In addition, phone shops can create phone paper bags with unique, different designs and flexible sizes to suit customer requirements.

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Benefits of printing paper phone bags

High-end phone products need to be stored in quality paper bags. This helps protect the phone and also creates sympathy and trust from customers. Not only that, using paper phone bags also has many business benefits when:

Strengthen your brand and increase brand recognition

Printing paper phone bags  brings many important benefits, especially creating and strengthening the brand of phone shops. By using unique paper bag designs, business units Electronic devices can be easily recognized and remembered by customers. Every time customers see the logo printed on the bag, they will easily remember it and thereby help build a mental connection between the business unit and the consumer.

Strengthen your brand and increase brand recognition

Contributes to professionalism and quality assurance

Printing paper phone bags  is an important part of the customer’s visual experience. Paper phone bags designed with flexibility, uniqueness and quality will contribute to creating an impression of professionalism of the phone business unit.

Increase reliability and value for customers

Using paper bags with printed logos when storing phones not only creates trust in the product but also ensures customers know they are using a product from a reputable business unit.  Printing paper phone bags  not only contains information about the phone shop but also shows a commitment to quality from the business. This helps increase value and create trust from customers, accelerating the shopping process and making customers want to come back to buy.

Increase reliability and value for customers

The reasons why Vinaprint is the printing unit for phone bags suit the needs of customers

To make your phone paper bag look sharp and eye-catching, you need to find a reputable and professional printing unit. Vinaprint is proud to be a provider of paper phone bag printing services . It owns modern machinery, professional design team, quick delivery time,… Specifically:

Print quality and materials used

Vinaprint is famous for its high-quality products and the use of high-quality, top-notch materials when printing paper phone bags . The combination of modern printing technology and quality paper helps Vinaprint’s paper bag products have sharpness, realistic colors and high durability. This ensures that the bag product best represents the brand image.

Design team and work flexibility

Vinaprint has a design team with rich experience in bringing unique and attractive paper bag designs. Flexibility and customization are among Vinaprint’s strengths, allowing customers to create phone cases that match their brand and product. The design team’s enthusiastic creativity and consulting helps bring optimal and unique printing solutions to each phone shop and business unit.

The reasons why Vinaprint is the printing unit for phone bags suit the needs of customers

Time and reliability of delivery

Vinaprint is committed to ensuring on-time delivery. Meticulousness in production and delivery management helps ensure that products will be delivered on time and in perfect condition. Vinaprint understands that time is a valuable asset for every business, so we always try to complete the application within the assigned time.

Price and after-sales service

Vinaprint provides phone bag products at competitive prices in the  paper phone bag printing industry , helping customers save business costs significantly. At the same time, Vinaprint also provides quality after-sales service, with a team of experts always ready to support customers during product use and solve any problems that arise.

Quote for paper phone bag printing service at Vinaprint

 VinaPrint provides many quality phone bag printing services, meeting the needs of many businesses. To receive a quote, please contact Vinaprint directly via hotline or Zalo.

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Paper phone bag products made for customers

Below are the paper phone bag products that Vinaprint has made for previous customers, please refer to them.

Paper bag for Huawei phone
Paper bag for Minh Tao phone
Paper bag for Apple White phone
Mobell phone paper bag
Powell phone paper bag
Paper phone shopping bag


In short, printing paper phone bags is an indispensable step on the path to building and developing a brand. Over the past years,  Vinaprint  has continuously proven its service quality, contributing to enhancing brand value and building trust from customers. With top printing quality, creative design and professional service,  Vinaprint  will always accompany you on your brand building journey!  

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