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Paper bags for bird’s nests  are one of the important things that contribute to affirming brand value and impressing your customers. Therefore, investing in paper bags also makes many business people quite confused and do not know which printing unit to choose.

Paper bags containing bird’s nest and business impacts

If you are a trader in this product, you will surely know about the importance of  paper bags containing bird’s nests . They are one of the first things that customers care about when choosing a product on the market, which will be shown through the factors below.

Affirm the value of your bird’s nest brand

paper bag containing bird’s nest with a luxurious, eye-catching design and logo will highlight the seller’s brand. From there, it also helps this product get the attention of many customers and contributes to affirming the value that your brand brings to users.

A quality paper bag packaging will contribute to affirming your brand value

Paper bags containing bird’s nest create prestige and professionalism

Reputation and professionalism will help businesses get more customers. However, not all brands can do this. To show prestige, you need to be meticulous, careful and thoughtful in your style and product quality.

Therefore, a paper bag containing bird’s nests  that is beautiful and has a unique design will make the brand impress users at first sight. At the same time, this also shows the brand’s thoughtfulness and dedication when always trying to bring users the best quality products.

Helps businesses easily advertise bird’s nest products

Not only that, when you have a product with quality and meticulously designed bird’s nest paper bags , it will receive the attention of many customers. Because this is a nutritious food, people often use it as a gift during holidays.

Therefore, when brands invest more in paper bags to store bird’s nests , it also contributes to helping the brand be widely advertised across the country. Thanks to that, the sales of this product also increased.

Implement a 0 VND bird’s nest advertising campaign

In addition, when designing a  paper bag to contain bird’s nest  , business people can also add some messages or advertising programs. Through that, the number of customers accessing the product will increase and you will also effectively implement a 0 dong advertising campaign.

The bird’s nest bag is a factor contributing to the success of the product

Why should you choose Vinaprint as the printing unit for bird’s nest paper bags?

If you are a newbie and don’t know which unit to print from, Vinaprint is a top choice. Because this is a reputable, high-quality unit and has been verified by many customers.

The quality of printed paper bag products is always guaranteed

The quality of printed products at Vinaprint is always guaranteed to match the design, color and size that customers require. Because the unit always uses high-tech equipment, at the same time, the machines here are also regularly maintained and changed.

This will help Vinaprint always bring the most beautiful and eye-catching bird’s nest paper bags to partners. For the above reasons, the company has become one of the printing places that many people trust.

Vinaprint prints according to customer requests

When coming to Vinaprint, you will not need to worry about designs with elaborate details that are difficult to make. Because the unit always prints according to any packaging model that the customer gives.

Even if you add details such as embossing or foil stamping, this place will still do it and deliver the best product. In addition, Vinaprint also has many types of paper with different walls so that users can choose freely.

Why should you choose Vinaprint as the printing unit for bird’s nest paper bags?

Always complete and deliver products on time

In addition, the prestige and professionalism of this unit is also reflected in its working rules. Vinaprint always hands over to the buyer on time as agreed in the contract. Therefore, you do not need to worry about late delivery delaying the bird’s nest product launch process.

Vinaprint has competitive prices

Many users still wonder whether the printing products here are expensive or not. This is a unit that always wants to bring partners the best things. Therefore, paper bags containing bird’s nests , moon cake bags, and Tet gift bags all have very affordable and competitive prices on the market.

Furthermore, this unit also publicly quotes prices and you can contact or refer to some information on the website before deciding to cooperate with Vinaprint. This is also one of the things that shows clear transparency in the unit’s working style.

Vinaprint after-sales service is extremely high quality

When ordering the printing of bird’s nest paper bags or any Vinaprint product, you will receive price advice as quickly as possible. At the same time, this unit’s switchboard is also always open 24/7 to serve customers better.

Not only that, Vinaprint also supports returns if the printed product is defective or of poor quality. It can be said that these are the after-sales services that have made many people love and trust this unit.

What is Vinaprint’s shipping policy?

Vinaprint has linked with reputable delivery units such as GHTK and Ahamove to help customers receive products on time. For locations in Ho Chi Minh City, it will be delivered to the address you live in, excluding floors and apartments.

In other provinces, orders under 10kg will be sent by vehicle, if over 10kg, Vinaprint will deliver them to partners, GHTK. Furthermore, this unit also offers free delivery if the purchase invoice is over 100,000 and the buyer needs to transfer 100%.

Reasons you should choose paper bag packaging at Vinaprint

How much is the price quote for bird’s nest paper bags at Vinaprint?

Paper bags for bird’s nests  at Vinaprint come in many types with different designs and materials. Therefore, their price will vary depending on the detail and quantity requirements that the buyer desires. However, usually these products will range from 8,500 – 17,000/bag.

However, if you would like to receive more detailed advice and see different types of paper and printing methods, you can contact Vinaprint via fanpage or website. The consultants here will help users choose the model that best suits your product.

Paper bags containing bird’s nests are popular with customers today

Through the above content, you have also learned the importance of paper bags and quality printing facilities. The following will introduce to everyone some popular bird’s nest bag designs on the market today.

Paper box model for bird’s nest with glossy printing

High quality fried bird’s nest bag model

Sample of stir-fried bird’s nest bag with golden emulsion

Elegant white stir-fried bird’s nest bag with box included

The model of stir-fried bird’s nest bag is popular today

Because this is a high-cost product and is often used as a gift. Therefore, the  paper bag containing bird’s nest  is an important part to help make the gift more formal and thoughtful. If you make a bag meticulously and carefully, it will attract many potential customers. So please contact Vinaprint immediately for the fastest advice and support!

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