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What’s special about printing paper cake boxes ? Nowadays, cakes are increasingly popular and popular when used as gifts at special meetings and parties as well as used as everyday snacks. Printing paper cake boxes not only helps bring cakes that are preserved with the best quality, ensuring food hygiene and safety, but also makes the gift more beautiful and cute.

What is a paper cake box?

Learn about paper cake boxes

Paper cake box is a type of box made from paper with the function of storing and preserving cakes. Boxes are commonly used in the cake industry and are an important part of protecting and keeping cakes from being damaged during transport and display. Paper cake boxes come in many different sizes and designs to suit different types of cakes.

There are many types of paper used to make paper cake boxes, depending on the purpose of use and requirements for durability and hardness. Below are some common types of paper used to make cake boxes:

  • Carton paper
  • Kraft paper
  • Papier
  • Matte laminated paper
  • Brown paper
  • Art paper

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What is a paper cake box?

Advantages of printing paper cake boxes

After understanding what a paper cake box is, let’s learn about the advantages of printing paper cake boxes :

  • Paper cake boxes play an extremely important role as they help stabilize the cake, ensuring the cake will not change or deform during transportation.
  • A cake box using high-quality printed materials will help preserve cakes longer, keep them away from dust and external environmental factors, and help ensure food hygiene and safety.
  • Paper cake boxes also preserve the aroma and flavor of the cake.
  • Beautiful, luxurious paper cake boxes will increase professionalism and impress customers, stimulating purchasing desire.

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Advantages of using paper cake boxes in business

Product protection

One of the top priorities when printing paper cake boxes is to create a paper box product that protects the cakes inside. The purpose is to help ensure the safety of the cake, preserving the full aroma and flavor during transportation. A poor quality cake box will increase the chance of the cake falling or being damaged during transportation. From there, the baking unit will have to compensate customers for new products or lost effort and time to repair. Waste of effort and money for the bakery.

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Increase brand recognition

Cake boxes are designed and printed according to business requirements. On paper cake boxes, logos, slogans and colors of the brand often appear. A uniquely designed paper cake box or kraft paper cake box will easily create the first impression on new customers entering the bakery. Not only does it impress the first customers, but it also creates a memory in their minds, so that every time they see the image or logo, customers will remember the cake brand they once bought.

Advantages of using paper cake boxes in business

Simple but effective advertising strategy

When customers come to buy products and take cakes away, it becomes a free means of advertising for your brand to passersby and relatives of customers. They can see the box and be curious about the bakery product inside, thereby helping to attract new customers.

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Why should you choose cake box printing service at Vinaprint?

High-quality products

Vinaprint is committed to providing high-quality printed paper cake boxes and kraft paper cake boxes, using advanced printing technology and quality ink. This will result in cake boxes with sharpness, realistic colors and high durability. Therefore, the materials used are cardboard, kraft paper, cardboard, etc., which will not only ensure quality but also help protect the cake during transportation.

Dynamic and flexible design team

With a dynamic, flexible and talented design team, we will help customers create unique printing products that suit the brand and requirements of each business. Customers can rest assured to come up with their ideas and our team will bring the best products.

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Why should you choose cake box printing service at Vinaprint?

Shipping policy

Vinaprint is committed to shipping products safely and to customers as soon as possible. Our shipping policy ensures customers can receive goods conveniently, without delay and to avoid damage during transportation. Vinaprint always tries to deliver goods to customers as soon as possible, saving time and not having to wait long.

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Price and after-sales service

Coming to Vinaprint, you will experience printing services at reasonable, affordable prices, competitive in the market and suitable to the customer’s budget. In particular, we provide quality after-sales service, ready to support customers during product use.

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Price list for printing paper cake boxes at Vinaprint

Currently, Vinaprint does not have an official price list for the cake box printing service because the price will depend on customer requirements, material, size, etc. For specific prices and details, visit Homepage – Vinaprint – Vietnamese printing service for advice today.

Outstanding cake box models

Kraft paper cake box
Kraft Paper Box for Cupcakes
Paper cake box
Paper box for donuts


Paper cake boxes are not only for storing cakes but are also a tool for bakeries to advertise their products to customers. Choosing the printing service at Vinaprint will help you create high-quality, unique paper boxes and paper bags for moon cakes that meet all brand requirements. Let Vinaprint – Vietnamese printing service become your companion in your success.

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