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Using paper bags to store fast food is a measure that not only creates aesthetics for the product but also helps protect the environment and consumer health. Currently, most stores choose fried chicken paper bags as the main packaging to preserve and package the product. So where to buy  cheap paper bags of fried chicken  to still ensure product quality? Join Vinaprint to discover a reputable printing unit and the roles of paper bags.

Why does printing paper bags for fried chicken have a big impact on customer behavior?

Fast-food foods like fried chicken often have a large amount of oil in the product, so brands have researched a type of  paper bag to contain fried chicken  to absorb the oil that spills out during delivery. customer’s hand.

So why choose paper bags for fried chicken? There are 2 main reasons:

  • First, paper bags used to store fried chicken are a type of product packaging that cannot be reused. Therefore, it is necessary to use environmentally friendly materials that are easy to decompose and protect the health of users.
  • Second, product packaging is always a tool to help brands communicate visually to customers. Using paper bags with unique designs will make a difference compared to other competitors. on the market.

The role of paper bags containing fried chicken

Below, Vinaprint will share the important roles of  fried chicken paper bags  for businesses.

Affirming brand value

Paper bags containing fried chicken  are an effective tool to help affirm the value of the brand. There are two most important values ​​for the fast food industry in general that brands want customers to perceive correctly about them: product value and experience value.

  • With product value: A thoughtful, well-invested paper bag design not only shows the internal value of the product but also helps increase its value. To take a specific example, with the world’s leading fried chicken brand like KFC, they always focus on updating impressive designs, thereby causing customers to change their views, perhaps enjoy, care about and appreciate more than the old model the fried chicken they receive even though the product quality may not have changed.
  • Value in experience: The top use of fried chicken paper bags is to preserve the product, making it more convenient for customers to transport and eat. Thus, if a bag has an easy-to-hold, sturdy, and grease-proof design, it will be an affirmation of the prestigious value of the service they receive when consuming this brand’s products.

Affirming brand value 

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Create credibility and professionalism

For food brands in general and especially the fast food market in particular, giving customers trust and demonstrating a professional service process is a prerequisite to retaining customers. products and attract new customers.

So what role does  a paper bag containing fried chicken  play in building credibility and professionalism?

Each paper bag has official information such as contact methods, information search addresses as well as sales facilities for customers to refer to before use. This shows that the business is confident with the quality of products sold and is always interested in receiving feedback from users.

The professionalism in synchronizing the identification system on fried chicken paper bags also helps customers visualize the product lines, characteristics and style the brand is aiming for easily.

Easily advertise products

As mentioned above, fried chicken is a special product that requires a bag with good elasticity, capable of absorbing fried oil but needs to avoid seeping onto the surface of the bag, ensuring food hygiene and safety. ..

The above factors are the conditions for customers to quickly evaluate product quality through the “look” part. A bag with full functionality, impressive and attractive design will be a big plus in the eyes of customers. Furthermore,  these paper bags containing fried chicken  are also effective communication tools for the brand’s target customers.

Paper bags help sellers advertise their products

Advertising campaign 0 VND

Big fried chicken brands in Vietnam today such as KFC, MCdonald’s, Lotteria, Jollibee,… or even small and medium enterprises in Vietnam are all willing to spend a huge amount of money on advertising. on television channels, social networks, internet or at points of sale,…

However, the strategy of using  paper bags to store fried chicken  is still a top priority for all of the above brands. The reason why? Because the form of advertising through bags is known as the “Zero advertising campaign”.

If you do not choose to advertise using paper bags, you will still have to pay the same amount of money for product packaging that only provides one feature: Protecting the fried chicken inside.

But if you make a smarter choice, combining the use of values ​​that the business wants customers to remember through fried chicken bags, it becomes an extremely effective communication tool.

Let’s take a look at some commonly used values ​​for the design of fried chicken bags:

  • Brand logo

  • Brand name of fried chicken

  • Representative color of the brand

  • Address information of sales establishments and company headquarters.

  • Links to official websites, media sites, and other information

  • Hotline phone number

  • The message that the product wants to convey

  • Images, mascots, motifs,…

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Why should you choose Vinaprint as the printing unit for fried chicken paper bags?

There are 6 main reasons that you should choose Vinaprint as the printing unit for  fried chicken paper bags  as follows:

Choose a reputable printing unit

Printing quality is guaranteed

Vinaprint is always committed to providing printed fried chicken paper bag products   that ensure functionality and high quality. The factory owns a system of production lines, modern machinery, smart processes along with a variety of optimal paper materials to help customers freely choose the right fit for their business.

Printing according to customer’s request form

Vinaprint owns a team of professional and creative technicians and designers. Help customers have  paper bag models for fried chicken that  are impressive, convenient and express the style they desire.

Implementation progress is guaranteed on time

Large capacity factory with experienced workers, we always strive to complete orders as soon as possible to reach customers. Committed to always being on time no matter what problems occur, creating maximum prestige for our partners.

Reasons you should choose Vinaprint as the printing unit for chicken paper bags

Competitive prices and dedicated after-sales service

We always offer prices at Vinaprint in accordance with product quality and customer design requirements. Along with that are after-sales services and customer care such as discounts, design support, idea consulting, etc. To bring the best experience to customers when using services at Vinaprint.

Attractive shipping policy

Vinaprint commits that shipments will reach customers as soon as possible, ensuring product quality is intact during transportation. If any problem occurs that affects the product, we will support all recovery costs.

Quote for printing paper bags for fried chicken at Vinaprint

Currently, Vinaprint has not issued a regulated price quote for the  fried chicken paper bag product . If you have any needs, please contact directly via hotline 938 515 510 to receive detailed advice from the Customer Service department or you can also access the link  Home page – Vinaprint – Vietnamese printing service  to receive Get the latest information about attractive offers.

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Paper bags containing fried chicken are popular with customers today


Some fried chicken paper bag designs


Impressive paper bag design for fried chicken

Paper bag design should have brand characteristics

Paper bags containing fried chicken need to be oil-proof

It can be said that  fried chicken paper bags  are an important communication tool for large and small brands in Vietnam. Hopefully through this article, you can clearly understand the role and value brought by owning your own unique and impressive design. If you have any concerns, please contact Vinaprint directly – a leading reputable printing service for advice and support.

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