Túi vải đay là gì? Địa chỉ in ấn túi vải đay đẹp, giá rẻ

Jute bags  are currently one of the most popular fashion bag models for use or as gifts for people around. So what is a jute bag and where is the best place to have it printed? Let’s find out with Vinaprint right in the article below.

Learn about jute bags

Currently, with the variety of bags on the market,  jute bags  have become the top choice of many people. Let’s learn more about this bag model.

What is a jute bag?

Jute fabric bags  are bags made from 100% jute fibers or tree bark woven together, then woven into a large fabric. Jute bags have become one of the eco-friendly as well as cost-effective bags.

Jute is a vegetable plant that is dried in long strips and is one of the cheapest natural materials today. Thanks to its environmental friendliness and safety, jute has been widely used in the production of bags.

Jute fabric bags are made from safe, environmentally friendly jute fibers

The meaning of jute bags for businesses in business

Besides serving as a tool to store furniture and goods, bags made from jute fabric are also considered by businesses as an effective marketing strategy. At large events or conferences, this bag model often appears a lot. Businesses often print company names, slogans, and logos on the surface of the bag to bring their image closer to customers.

In addition, many businesses also choose to give  jute bags  to loyal customers as a way to show their professionalism and thoughtfulness to customers, helping to retain these customers as well as improve their business. effective revenue and profit.

Jute bags help bring the image of the business closer to customers

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Reasons to choose Vinaprint when printing jute bags

Currently on the market there are many establishments specializing in printing bags made from jute fabric with different designs and costs. Among them, Vinaprint is always the preferred address chosen by many customers.

Printing quality

Vinaprint uses advanced printing technology to help products achieve the best quality. The company owns a team of experienced, highly skilled staff and diverse creativity to ensure that it brings customers the   most beautiful and durable jute bag products.

Advanced printing technology, clear print quality

Modern technology

Vinaprint always constantly improves and updates modern technology and equipment to achieve the best quality printing. With modern technology, the patterns printed on the bags are guaranteed not to smudge or fade over time, helping customers feel completely secure when using the product.

Modern and advanced printing technology

Competitive price

The price for printing  jute bags  at Vinaprint is reasonable, affordable and competitive in the market. Customers can own extremely beautiful bag models without having to spend too much money. Not only that, Vinaprint also regularly organizes extremely attractive promotions and discounts, helping customers save money when buying jute bags.

After sales service

With the motto of putting reputation and customer experience first, Vinaprint always builds the best after-sales service and policies. After printing fabric bags, Vinaprint will thoroughly check the product before delivering it to customers. If customers have any requests, the company is ready to support and respond quickly.

Shipping policy

Vinaprint also supports flexible shipping policies to meet customer needs. The company always commits to delivering goods at the right time and place according to customers’ requirements.

Quote for jute bag printing service at Vinaprint

If you want to print  jute bags  , please immediately refer to the service prices at Vinaprint as follows:

  • Printing less than 50 bags:  Price fluctuates around 30,000 VND/bag.
  • Print from 50 – 150 bags:  Price ranges from 29,000 VND/bag.
  • Printing from over 150 bags – 500 bags:   Price fluctuates around 28,000 VND/bag.
  • Printing over 500 bags:   Price fluctuates around 25,000 VND/bag.

In addition, the price of jute bag printing service can also vary depending on the size of the bag, bag style as well as delivery deadline. To receive a detailed quote, please contact Vinaprint directly via hotline 938 515 510.

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Quote for printing services made from jute fabric at Vinaprint

Jute fabric bags have been made for customers

Let’s take a look at the jute bag  samples  that Vinaprint has made for customers right here.

Sample 1: 

Sample 1

Sample 2: 

Sample 2

Sample 3: 

Sample 3

Model 4:  

Sample 4

Model 5: 

Model 5

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Frequently asked questions that customers ask

Let’s join Vinaprint in answering some customer questions about  jute bags  below.

Question 1.  What types of jute bags are there and how to distinguish them?

The classification of  jute bags  will be based on many factors such as:

  • Depending on the purpose of use, there will be jute bags for food storage and fashion jute bags.
  • Depending on the form, they will include jute handbags, crossbody bags, drawstring jute bags, etc.

Question 2.  Are bags made of jute fabric environmentally friendly?

Jute bags  are made from jute fabric that can decompose after a period of 2-3 years, so it is completely safe and environmentally friendly.

In the above article, Vinaprint  has helped you learn  what jute bags  are and the bag models made from jute that are most popular today. Hopefully the above sharing will help you refer to and choose a place to print beautiful, cheap bags.

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