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What are non-woven fabric bags available and why are they so widely popular? Let’s find out with Vinaprint in this article!

Learn about non-woven bags

Non-woven fabric bags are very environmentally friendly and useful products in today’s life. Therefore, more and more people are starting to use  non-woven bags instead of plastic bags.

 Non-woven fabric bags  are made from chemical plastic fibers (polypropylene plastic beads). Fabrics are not created by conventional weaving or knitting, but by layers or membranes of fibers bonded by chemical, mechanical or thermal methods.

Non-woven fabric has good toughness and elasticity. Has good waterproof and load-bearing properties. In particular, this material does not contain toxic substances and is capable of self-decomposition at natural ambient temperatures. Therefore, this is an environmentally friendly product.

Non-woven bags

What is non-woven bag printing?

This type of bag is made of non-woven fabric, composed mainly of synthetic fibers. They are produced using chemical, mechanical, thermal and solvent methods.

Non-woven bags are packaging products widely used to replace plastic bags. They are more convenient and sturdy, so they are used a lot in daily life and in many different fields.

These types of non-woven bags are popular today

  • Heat-sealed non-woven fabric bags: Basically, the bag is formed by heating, the pressure created by the mechanical system will press and melt the edges of the two bag surfaces together to form a homogeneous block. without the need for human intervention. Heat-sealed non-woven fabric bags have high durability, good thickness and elasticity, can be used many times and are very environmentally friendly.
  • Handmade non-woven fabric bag: A type of non-woven fabric bag produced by a combination of modern machinery technology and meticulous craftsmanship of tailors and is highly appreciated for its durability and sturdiness.

These types of non-woven bags are popular today

Benefits of using available fabric bags

Use when shopping

Normally, every time you go to the market you have to bring a bag with you to store food. But it will also bring you certain inconveniences. It’s bulky and difficult to carry… but when using a non-woven bag, you just need to fold it and put it in your bag or trunk to use for necessary shopping.

The gift increases its meaning

Non-woven fabric bags are one of the most popular gift products today. The product is suitable for many ages because of its diversity and convenience. The bag is printed with a detailed, meticulous design, convenient for use in fashion, travel, picnics…

brand advertising

Using non-woven bags is an effective and cost-effective way to advertise. By distributing logo-printed non-woven bags to customers or using them in marketing campaigns, you can introduce your brand to a large number of potential customers without spending much money.

Non-woven bags are effective advertising products because they can enhance brand recognition and promote a business’s products to a large number of potential customers. When customers receive a non-woven bag with a logo printed on it, they will see advertising information and the company’s brand image printed on the bag, creating an impression and memory of the brand. This increases the likelihood that customers will purchase your products and services in the future.

The reasons why Vinaprint is a non-woven bag printing unit suit the needs of customers

Printing quality is guaranteed

Vinaprint is committed to providing high quality fabric bag printing products using advanced printing technology and premium ink. From there, we will create canvas bags with sharpness, true colors and high durability.

Printing according to customer’s request form

With a dynamic, flexible and talented design team, we will help customers create unique printing products that suit the brand and requirements of each business. Customers can confidently present their ideas and our team will bring the best products.

Implementation progress is guaranteed on time

In addition to quality and design, Vinaprint can also meet customers’ time requirements, especially urgent requests and large quantity requirements.

Competitive price

Vinaprint provides non-woven bag printing products   at competitive prices, helping customers save significantly on business costs.

After sales service

Vinaprint provides high quality after-sales service, with a team of experts ready to assist customers in solving problems that arise during product use.

Vinaprint is a unit that prints non-woven bags to suit customer needs

Shipping policy

Vinaprint is committed to shipping products to customers in the fastest and safest way. Our shipping policy ensures customers receive goods conveniently and quickly and avoids damage during transportation. Vinaprint always tries to deliver goods to customers as quickly as possible, saving time and not having to wait too long.

Quote for Vinaprint non-woven bag printing service

Vinaprint provides many  quality non-woven bag printing services  , meeting the needs of many businesses. To receive the most accurate quote, please contact Vinaprint directly via hotline 0938 515 510 or Zalo.

Vinaprint’s service area for customers

Vinaprint is a leading printing company in Vietnam, specializing in providing high quality non-woven bag printing services. With the goal of bringing absolute satisfaction to customers, Vinaprint has expanded its service range to meet the needs of printing non-woven bags nationwide.

Services in Ho Chi Minh

Vinaprint provides  non-woven bag printing services  in Ho Chi Minh with a team of experienced staff and modern equipment. Customers in Ho Chi Minh can rest assured about Vinaprint’s printing quality and quick response time. We are committed to providing high quality non-woven bag products that meet all customer requirements and expectations.

Printing services in other provinces and cities

Not only serving in Ho Chi Minh, Vinaprint also provides non-woven bag printing services in other provinces and cities nationwide. Whether you are in Hanoi, Da Nang, Hai Phong or anywhere else, you can trust our quality and professional service. With a wide network, Vinaprint will meet your non-woven bag printing needs at any location.

Non-woven fabric bag products made for customers

Let’s explore the unique, high-quality non-woven bag models that are very popular with businesses and consumers on the market today!

Non-woven bag with long handle


Portable non-woven bag


Retractable non-woven fabric bag


Environmentally friendly non-woven bag model


Sample of non-woven fabric bag with lamination


Frequently asked questions that customers ask

  • Can images or logos be printed on non-woven bags?

The answer is definitely yes. Vinaprint provides printing services on fabric bags  with the ability to print images, logos, or any custom design on the bag surface. We use advanced printing technology and high quality ink to ensure that images and logos on non-woven bags will be reproduced accurately and sharply.

  • What is the completion time and minimum quantity required when ordering non-woven fabric bags?

Completion time and minimum quantity required when ordering images printed on fabric bags depend on the customer’s specific requirements. Vinaprint is committed to responding quickly and flexibly to customers. Typically, completion time can range from a few days to a week, depending on the size and complexity of the order.

  • Are there only pre-printed non-woven bag samples available, or can I customize my own design?

Vinaprint allows customers to customize their own designs. You can come up with your ideas and special design requests, and we will work with you to create a custom  non-woven bag model. We have a team of professional designers ready to assist you in the process of creating unique and attention-grabbing designs.

  • Can I order printed non-woven bags online?

Certainly yes, Vinaprint provides online non-woven bag printing ordering service. You can visit our website, view bag samples and submit an order request online. We will contact you to discuss details and confirm your order.

Some frequently asked questions about non-woven bag design and printing services

Vinaprint is a reliable address for high-quality non-woven bag printing services in Ho Chi Minh and other cities and provinces. With the ability to customize designs, quality printing and quick completion times, we are committed to bringing satisfaction and meeting all customer requirements. So what are you waiting for? Contact Vinaprint immediately to get advice and order at the most preferential price only today!

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