Vai trò của túi giấy đựng bánh là gì? Đơn vị in ấn uy tín hàng đầu

Using  paper cake bags  is always a top priority for cake brands in Vietnam. So why choose paper bags in the cake business? And where is the top quality, reputable paper cake bag printing unit? Let’s find out with Vinaprint through the article shared below.

Why does printing paper cake bags have a big impact on customer behavior?

Nowadays, paper cake bags  are not only known as product protective packaging, but they are also an important touch point between customers and businesses.

Paper cake bags have many roles for businesses

For businesses,  paper cake bags  are an important part of the company’s brand identity system, helping the company make an unforgettable impression on its customers.

For customers, the paper bag used to store cakes is an experience in the product purchasing journey. A convenient bag with unique markings will bring them a feeling of enjoyment and their attitude towards the brand image in their mind will be enhanced. And emotions always influence behavior, just a paper bag of very small value can have a big impact on their purchasing behavior.

Below are some important roles of  paper cake bags  for manufacturers and customers:

Affirming brand value

Paper cake bags  help affirm brand value. A politely designed paper bag not only brings product values ​​to customers but also conveys product values ​​of dedicated service during the purchasing process.

Paper cake bags represent brand value

Instead of using plastic bags that are harmful to the environment, paper bags used to store cakes are extremely environmentally friendly. In addition, it also creates convenience for users.

Create credibility and professionalism

Owning your own paper bag design used to store cakes will show the prestige and professionalism of the brand. When customers receive cakes neatly wrapped in a polite bag, it will give them a feeling of respect. Thanks to that, brand reputation will be increased.

In addition, each  paper cake bag  will have detailed information about the brand, so customers can always search and contact them whenever they encounter a problem. Thanks to that, they will feel more secure when using it.

Easily advertise products

How can customers feel the value of the cakes you display in just a few seconds, or even just a glance in the shopping mall? That is definitely through paper bags – product packaging.

A simple, familiar cake paper bag design   will make customers feel popular and easy to buy. On the contrary, a luxurious, meticulously designed paper bag with eye-catching patterns will make customers feel expensive and valuable. But certainly, a normal design that is difficult to distinguish among countless other cookie bags will not be noticed by customers, let alone create customer emotions and attitudes towards the product brand. your.

This is also a secret to help brands increase product value.

Advertising campaign 0 VND

Instead of paying a lot of money through advertising, discounts, etc., which may not be conveyed to the right target customers that the business wants to target. There is a 0-dollar advertising method that shows difference and attracts customers.  Reusable paper cake bags that  appear many times everywhere will unconsciously make customers remember the brand and company more.

Paper cake bags are an effective advertising medium

These paper bags are also a unique identification point, helping your cakes to be completely different from other cakes sold on the market.

Normally, a  paper cake bag  will always need the following contents:

  • Brand logo

  • Cake brand name

  • Representative color of the brand

  • Address information of sales facilities and company headquarters.

  • Links to sales pages and brand information pages

  • Hotline phone number

  • The message that the product wants to convey

  • Images, patterns,…

In general, all content on paper bags used to store cakes must point to a core value, which is the value the brand wants customers to know. The information on paper bags used to store cakes is always presented concisely, completely and conveyed to the recipient in the most attractive way.

Why should you choose Vinaprint as the unit that prints paper cake bags?

To answer the question of why choose Vinaprint as the printing unit for  paper cake bags , below are the reasons why you should not miss a brand that brings the following values ​​to customers.


Vinaprint – The leading printing unit in the market

Printing quality is guaranteed

 Vinaprint is committed to providing high quality printed paper cake bag products  . Here, we are constantly upgrading our production line system, modern machinery, smart processes along with optimal and diverse paper materials for customers to print.

Printing according to customer’s request form

With many years of experience in the profession, Vinaprint cooperates with hundreds of large and small customers, thousands of cake bag designs have been born. And to bring them satisfaction, it is impossible not to mention Vinaprint’s professional design team. Always carry a mission to convey the brand’s values ​​to consumers in the most impressive and appropriate way. Therefore, customers can completely trust and order printing at Vinaprint to bring the most perfect designs.

Implementation progress is guaranteed on time

With a modern production system and high-capacity workforce, Vinaprint always supports customers in the most optimal time for each order. In particular, in cases where customers need products urgently, we will prioritize production and transport goods as soon as convenient for customers.

Competitive price

When you come to Vinaprint, you will not have to worry about our pricing policy. Because, we always want to bring the greatest benefits to customers with preferential prices. In addition, our paper cake bag products   have a variety of choices and prices for customers depending on paper quality, ink quality, design quality,… And you can absolutely Choose an option that best fits the company’s budget.

After sales service

After-sales services are diverse, suitable for each customer. You can contact us directly via hotline 093.851.5510 to receive direct advice on after-sales policies suitable for your order.

Shipping policy

Vinaprint ensures that goods are intact when they reach customers because we always work professionally with the shipping unit to optimize accompanying services. Vinaprint customers always receive tracking support during the shipping process. Goods are committed to being sent on time, saving time and costs.

Quote for printing paper cake bags at Vinaprint

Currently, Vinaprint wants to approve each customer’s requirements regarding material, size, etc. to develop a detailed official price list for the  cake paper bag printing service  to be most suitable. For customers to know specific prices and details, please contact Vinaprint immediately via hotline 938 515 510 to receive advice and support as soon as possible.

Paper cake bags are popular with customers today

Eye-catching, impressive design

Uniform design for many product lines

Diverse textures and patterns

Paper bags with diverse designs appeal to many target customers


Paper cake bags  are an indispensable type of packaging for cake manufacturing brands. It is not only a regular cake packaging but also carries the brand advertising values ​​conveyed to customers. Therefore, your business needs to invest in the design and production process to bring the best quality to the product. If you have any concerns, please contact Vinaprint directly – a leading reputable printing service for advice and support.

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